Araucanía Games “Río Negro 2023” in Full Swing

The judoka Ludmila González (-57 kilos) added her gold to the one achieved the day before yesterday by her sister Anyelina (-52), and by the Avellaneda (Santiago at -55, Luca at -60), at the Pedro Estremador stadium, in Bariloche, in the 3rd day of the Araucanía Games “Río Negro 2023”.

BIG RIVER.- In addition, Nahir Insaurralde (-63), Santiago Solís (-66) and Juan Salvatierra (-73) came in seventh place.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL. The closing will be today, in front of Aysén.

Tierra del Fuego has 30 points in both branches: in women it leads the positions alone, and in men it shares the leadership with Neuquén. Today Benjamín Pesarini (81), Demian Paiz (-90), Aylén Calderón (-70) and Marianela Aguilar (-78) will fight, while tomorrow it will be the turn of the team tournament.

In athletics, in Neuquén, Jonatan Allende placed 2nd in the discus, with 41.36 meters (the second from Rio Grande do Sul to get on the podium, after Pablo Ernaga’s silver in the 5,000 meters in Concepción 2004). In addition, today there will be three Fuegians in the hurdles finals: Renata Godoy and Luciana Ferreyra in 100 meters; and Kimey Curtale, at 110.

After the rest of the day before, today swimming (in Choele Choel), and cycling (in Viedma) will resume their activity, the latter with the CRI: 8 km. for women, and 15 km. for men.

The teams

WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL. Cabrera receives, Salazar observes.

Men’s volleyball and men’s basketball will play the Stimulus Round (5th to 8th places), while both branches of soccer moved on to the Consolation Round (9th to 12th places). Women’s volleyball, which at 9:00 will face the undefeated La Pampa, will seek 9th place at 7:00 p.m., against Araucanía. And women’s basketball will try to escape from the last position, when at 9:00 they face Aysén (the day before yesterday the Chileans won 51-47).


Women’s basketball (Viedma): Group C: 5th date: Bío Bío-Aysén 85-25; Santa Cruz-T.del Fuego 67-42.Final positions: 1.Los Lagos 8 (+132); 2.Bío Bío 7 (+64); 3.Santa Cruz 6 (+45); 4.Aysén 5 (-150); 5.T.of Fire 4 (-91). 12th/13th place: Hoy: 9:00 T.del Fuego-Aysén.

Men’s basketball (Viedma): Group A: 3rd date: R.Negro-Los Lagos 91-84; T.Fuego-Ñuble 89-50. Final positions: 1.R.Black 6 (+93); 2.Los Lagos 5 (+57); 3.T.Fire 42 (-16); 4.Ñuble 3 (-134). Stimulus Round (5th/8th places): Today: 19:00 Los Lagos-Los Ríos and Neuquén-T.del Fuego. Tomorrow (11:00): winners (5th place) and losers (7th place).

Women’s soccer (Bariloche): Group D: 3rd date: Santa Cruz-T.del Fuego 3-2; Los Ríos-Ñuble 1-0. Final positions: 1.Los Ríos 7 points (goals: 4-2); 2.Santa Cruz 6 (8-4); 3.T.of Fire 4 (7-5); 4.Ñuble 0 (1-9). Consuelo Round (9th/12th places): Hoy: 10:00 Aysén-Bío Bío and Magallanes-T.del Fuego. Tomorrow (9:00): winners (9th place) and losers (11th place).

Men’s soccer (Cipolletti): Group A: 3rd date: T.of Fire-Araucania 0-1. Final positions: 1.Araucanía 6 (3-1); 2.R.Black 3 (4-2); 3.T.of Fire 0 (0-4). Consuelo Round (9th/12th places): Hoy: 15:00 Los Ríos-Bío Bío; 17:00 T.del Fuego-Aysén. Tomorrow: 9:00 losers (11th place); 15:00 winners (9th place).

Women’s volleyball (Bariloche): Zone B: 5th date: Magallanes-Ñuble; T.del Fuego-Los Ríos 2-3 (25-19/15-25/26-24/23-25/11-15); La Pampa-Chubut 3-0; 6th date: T.Fuego-Magallanes 3-0 (25-23/25-12/26-24); La Pampa-Ñuble 3-0; Bío Bío-Los Ríos 3-0. Positions: 1.La Pampa 10 (5) (15-1); 2.Bío Bío 9 (5) (13-4); 3.Los Ríos 9 (6) (9-11); 4.Chubut 8 (5) (10-7); 5.T.of Fire 7 (5) (9-9); 6.Magallanes 4 (4) (0-12); 7.Ñuble 4 (4) (0-12). Today: 7th date: 09:00 Ñuble-Chubut, Magallanes-Bío Bío and T.Fuego-La Pampa. Ronda Consuelo (9th place): 19:00 T.of the Fire-Araucania.

Men’s volleyball (Bariloche): Zone A: 4th date: Río Negro-T.del Fuego 3-0 (25-16/25-22/30-28); Chubut-Araucanía 3-0; Bío Bío-Aysén 3-0; 5th date: Río Negro-Chubut 0-3; Bío Bío-T.del Fuego 3-2 (25-16/25-23/17-25/23-25/16-14); Aysén-Araucanía 1-3. Final positions: 1.Chubut 10 (15-2); 2.R.Black 9 (12-3); 3.Bío Bío 8 (10-8); 4.T.of Fire 7 (9-9); 5.Araucanía 6 (3-13); 6.Aysén 5 (1-15). Stimulus Round (5th/8th places): Today: 15:00 T.del Fuego (4th A) vs. 3° B and Bío Bío (3° A)-4° B. Tomorrow: 9:00 losers (7th place); 11:00 winners (5th place).

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