Alliance Future 1860: New Initiative Aims to Mediate 1860 Munich Dispute

Independent, non-partisan and open to everyone!

This is the motto of the newly founded “Alliance Future 1860”. The initiators introduced themselves on Tuesday. Also there: Martin Gräfer (54), CEO of the main sponsor of TSV 1860 Munich, the insurance company “die Bayerische”. He had already announced at a fan talk that his company would not be a long-term sponsor of a third division team.

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But a lot has to happen for the lions!

The aim of the new alliance, consisting of sponsors, members and fans, is to “significantly advance the club in terms of content and structure,” according to the association. The aim is to mediate between the quarreling shareholders with the aim of achieving cooperation.

Background of the alliance: The ongoing and escalating dispute between the shareholder, the management and the executive board in 1860 (BILD reported). The termination of managing director Marc-Nicolai Pfeifer (42) was the last straw. The financial boss was previously strengthened in a letter from a total of 18 sponsors. Gräfer also expressed himself positively and supported Pfeifer – in vain.

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Source: BILD / DAZN / Sportdigital / Instagram November 28, 2023

Now the 1860-long dispute should be ended. The alliance does not see itself as belonging to either side. “We are not for or against one or the other shareholder. We are a member of the eV and have a very positive view of the registered association. But we still need an idea of ​​how to put the KGaA on a different economic basis,” said Gräfer when introducing the alliance.

“BZ1860” made it clear that it did not want to interfere in personnel decisions. There is no place for politics in the alliance. The initiative is initially expected to last three to six months.

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Gräfer explained where the Lions should go in the long term: “We want to make sure that 1860 gets to where it belongs – and that is certainly not the lower end of the third league.”

Nevertheless, the main sponsor and co-initiator remains realistic. Gräfer: “We are not saviors. Miracles take a little longer, but miracles cannot be expected from us either.”

The question remains as to what the alliance can really achieve, especially in such a short time. Or whether the situation at the traditional Munich club (founding member of the Bundesliga) is hopeless…

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Source: BILD/Instagram November 28, 2023

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