All the records of the most devastating Verstappen

Max Verstappen has said goodbye to his most dominant season in Formula 1, in which in addition to winning his third consecutive world title, he has left several records in history. The Dutch driver, who at 26 years old has a lot of room to continue expanding his records, has exercised almost absolute supremacy in 2023 and has only conceded on three occasions, to culminate his career in Abu Dhabi with 19 victories in 22 grand prix.

Carlos Sainz has been the only driver who this year has been able to win a race without driving a Red Bull (Singapore), since the other two victories that eluded Verstappen were for his teammate Checo Pérez (Arabia and Baku). The voracity of ‘Mad’ Max is reflected in figures that leave no room for doubt:

More wins and higher percentage per season

His 19 victories in 22 grand prix give Verstappen an effectiveness percentage of 86.36%, thus far surpassing the previous record (75%), held by Alberto Ascari since 1952. In more recent times the most dominant driver was Michael Schumacher in 2004, with 13 of 18 possible victories and a percentage of 72.22%.

Greater number of podiums

Max has been on the podium 21 times this year, with 19 victories, two second places in Arabia and Baku and a fifth place, his worst result, in Singapore. He surpasses the mark set in 2021 by himself, when he was in the box 18 times.

Most consecutive wins

Verstappen managed to string together a streak of ten consecutive victories between the Miami and Italian grands prix, surpassing the previous record, achieved by Sebastian Vettel, with nine consecutive victories in 2013, during his triumphant stage at Red Bull.

First driver to double the second and greatest difference in points

‘Checo’ Pérez, despite driving the same car as Verstappen, the all-powerful Red Bull RB19, could not come close to the records of his teammate, whom he only worried at the beginning of the season after stringing together two wins in the Arabian GP. and Azerbaijan. Verstappen has scored a total of 575 points this year (of the 860 that gave Red Bull the team title), double that of Pérez, second in the World Cup, with 285. It is the biggest difference compared to the second, very far from Vettel’s 155 against Alonso in 2013

More points alone than the rest of the teams

Red Bull could have won the Constructors’ World Championship with a single driver on the track this season, since the 575 points achieved by Verstappen far exceed those added by the two Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, who gave their team a total of 409 points, winning the team runner-up position.

Third driver with the most victories in history (54)

Max Verstappen started the season with 35 victories on his record, occupying 6th position in the world ranking. Thanks to his undeniable success this year, with 19 wins, he has raised his personal tally to 54, allowing him to surpass Sebastian Vettel (53) and become the third driver with the most victories in the history of the race. F1. The marks of the two men before him, Michael Schumacher (91) and Lewis Hamilton (103) are still far away, but with a calendar of 24 grand prix per season and only 26 years old, Max can catch up with them.

Driver with the most laps led in a year

Verstappen’s advantage has been of such proportions that in Abu Dhabi he became the first driver in the entire history of Formula 1 to complete 1,000 laps leading grand prix in one year in F1 (1,003 of the 1,325 total). Max has been at the front in 75.70% of the laps, another historical record, breaking Jim Clark’s in 1963 (71.47%).

Most Grands Prix led per season

Max Verstappen is the driver who has led at least one lap in the most different grands prix in a year, a total of 20, surpassing Lewis Hamilton’s record in 2019 (19).

Red Bull and McLaren’s record

Red Bull has won 21 of 22 grand prix this year. Only Sainz and Ferrari avoided the plenary session with their victory in Singapore. The energy drink team added a record efficiency percentage, with 95.5%, surpassing that of McLaren in 1988, which reached 93.8% (15 of 16 victories) in its best season with its legendary duo formed by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

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