2024 Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament Organizers and Format Revealed: Spain, Latvia, Greece, and Puerto Rico Expected to Host

As basketball columnist Donāts Urbons reported this week, Spain, Latvia, Greece and Puerto Rico will most likely be named as the organizers of the qualifying tournaments on November 27.

Based on the FIBA ​​world ranking, which was updated after the World Cup finals, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia are in the first basket of the draw. In the second basket are Brazil, Italy, Greece, Poland, in the third – Puerto Rico, Montenegro, Dominican Republic and Finland, in the fourth – New Zealand, Georgia, Mexico and Lebanon, in the fifth – Croatia, Ivory Coast, Angola and the Philippines, and in the sixth – Egypt, the Bahamas, Cameroon and Bahrain.

Each qualifier will have A and B subgroups. The selections of the first, fourth and fifth baskets will be drawn in subgroups A, and the second, third and sixth – in subgroups B.

There cannot be more than two national teams from Europe in each subgroup, and no more than three European teams in one qualification tournament. Likewise, one qualification subgroup may not have more than one team from the Americas zone, and more than one team from the Asia-Oceania zone and more than one team from the Africa zone in one qualification tournament.

In total, 24 teams will participate in the final qualification, which will be divided and drawn into four tournaments with six national teams each. Only tournament winners will qualify for the Olympics.

The qualification tournaments will be held from July 2 to 7, 2024, while the men’s basketball tournament at the Paris Olympic Games will take place from July 27 to August 10, with the group tournaments being held in Lille, and the decisive battles in Paris.


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