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ROME It’s normal to whistle, not (anymore) to do it with whistles. Question of public order and decorum: decision of the Observatory. Anyone who feels betrayed can complain, shout or insult. And the fansInter they will do it tomorrow against the traitor Lukaku, in a fiery San Siro. Then, we will have to understand if it really was a betrayal, because so far we have only heard Inter’s version (direct and non-direct). It’s up to Romelu to live his particular day, waiting for the explanations, which he will grant if and when he feels like it: he himself has threatened to do so. Meanwhile, tomorrow he will set foot in a hot Meazza, full of resentment and hatred. His former fans will massacre him with whistles and insults and some will bring the whistle anyway, risking Inter getting a fine.


After all, the long-awaited day has arrived: Romelu against everyone, or perhaps everyone against Romelu. A battle of betrayed feelings, in the stands and on the pitch, because the resentment also touched the chords of some of his ex-teammates/friends. It will be some kind of hell. Inter’s Curva Nord was ready with whistles in hand, but in the last public order meeting, the Gos (operational safety group, the Observatory) prohibited entry to the stadium with whistles. The North protested with “the law is not the same for everyone”, citing the precedent of Fiorentina-Juve: boos and whistles for Vlahovic. One thing is certain: no one will stop the Nerazzurri fans from challenging Romelu tomorrow. Change the form, not the substance. But this won’t bring Lukaku down, sometimes players manage to find energy from protests.

Roma-Slavia Prague, the report cards: Llorente impeccable (7), El Shaarawy and Lukaku (7.5) fly


And there are many cases. When, for example, in 2013, Roma brought Momo Salah back to the Franchi in Florence for the first time, in front of his former fans, what happened? The boos of the Fiorentina fans could be heard as far away as Pisa, but the Egyptian responded by scoring after just six minutes. Florence welcomed the traitor Roberto Baggio in the same way, just as Barça many years ago “celebrated” the return of a Madridista Figo in a less than urban way at the Camp Nou. It’s like this, everywhere and always. Roma GM, Tiago Pinto, tried to tone it down, recalling that those who now contest Lukaku are the same ones who considered Dzeko and Mkhitaryan’s betrayals normal. Things of this world, in short. Lukaku has his game in mind, which will not be normal. He arrives at San Siro with a frightening haul of goals in his pocket and an enviable form. It is disputed as he threatens. Lukaku, since arriving in Rome, has only failed to score on three occasions, on his debut with Milan (only 19 minutes on the pitch), with Genoa and with Monza, while he scored against Empoli, Turin, Frosinone and Cagliari (2) and in the cup at Sheriff, Servette and Slavia Prague. Eight goals in ten appearances, one every 97 minutes. The last goal at San Siro, obviously with the Inter shirt, dates back to 27 May, in the match against Atalanta.

Roma-Slavia Prague 2-0, Bove’s pearl then Lukaku closes the match. Mou first in the group and attacks Inter


«I was disappointed, it’s the truth. I also tried to call him in those days of chaos, he never answered me, he did the same with my other teammates”, the words of Lautaro Martinez, his former partner and (former) friend of his. Tomorrow the challenge-clash is also with him; with Barella, with whom he often discussed, even on the pitch; with Simone Inzaghi, guilty of having denied him the Champions League final in Istanbul, preferring Dzeko as the starter against City. And who knows if the real betrayed person isn’t Lukaku himself? He who, to spite Inter, was about to move to his beloved enemy, Juve. But now he enjoys Rome, his new home. And who knows for how much longer.


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