The Standout Performers: French Players Making Waves in the EuroLeague

The Standout Performers: French Players Making Waves in the EuroLeague

Isaia Cordinier (Virtus Bologna)

At the end of a great World Cup on an individual level with the Blues, Isaiah Cordinier (1.97 m, 26 years old) took on a new dimension again with the Virtus Bologna. Since the arrival of the Italian technician Luca Banchi on the Bolognese bench, Isaia Cordinier has become one of the leaders of the Virtus (2nd playing time). Still as valuable defensively, taking charge of missions on the opponent’s first offensive options, the Riviera fullback now weighs in on the mark and even on creation (best passer on his team). If its address is confirmed (15/21 at 2PTS and 6/14 at 3PTS), Virtus Bologna could interfere in the race for the playoffs (4 victory – 1 defeat).

Statistics: 11.2 points (71% at 2PTS and 42% at 3PTS), 2.6 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1 interception for 15.4 rating in 25 minutes of play (5 games, including 4 as a starter)

ITW Isaïa Cordinier: “I think I can be very good in Europe in a two-way player role”

Vincent Poirier (Real Madrid)

At the start of the season, Vincent Poirier (2.13 m, 110 kg), this is the pinnacle of efficiency in the Euroleague. The native of Clamart attempted 34 shots in five matches, for 27 registered, quite simply making him the most skillful player at 2PTS with 78% success (minimum 3 attempts per match). Still playing off the bench and with a similar number of minutes to previous seasons (around twenty), the interior dominates particularly in the air, with numerous dunks. Ask FC Barcelona, ​​the Madrid club’s great rival, which this season suffered the wrath of the very recent thirty-year-old twice, in the Liga Endesa (22 points, 8 rebounds) and in the EuroLeague (14 points, 7 rebounds, including 6 offensive ones). ). Two competitions where the Merengues remain undefeated at the start of the season.

Statistics: 12.6 points (78% at 2PTS), 5.6 rebounds, 0.8 assists and 1 block for 17.2 rating in 20 minutes (5 games)

Damien Inglis (Valence)

For his first appearances in the EuroLeague, Damien Inglis (2.04 m, 28 years old) is one of the nice surprises of the French clan. Just like his Valencia team, surprising with its record of 4 victories and 1 defeat with successes against Monaco, Fenerbahçe and even Kaunas. After winning the EuroCup twice (with Monaco and Gran Canaria) over the last three seasons, the former NBA player (Milvaukee Bucks) shows that his power and his knowledge of the game have their place in the EuroLeague.

Statistics: 9.4 points (57% at 2PTS and 33% at 3PTS), 3.8 rebounds and 2 assists for 11.4 rating in 19 minutes (5 games, including 3 as a starter)

Damien Inglis took these first steps in the EuroLeague against Monaco, with whom he won the EuroCup in 2021. (Photo: EuroLeague) Mathias Lessort (Panathinaikos)

Yet another change of creamery this season for Mathias Lessort, but not effective, far from it. After having already had a solid season in the EuroLeague during the last exercise for the return of Partizan Belgrade to the competition (12 points, 7.1 rebounds and 1.4 assists), the Martinican seems to be going up a notch again this season with Panathinaikos. The interior, impressively dominated under the boards, multiplying spectacular actions week after week, brings the Athenian club to the European scene (1st playing time, 1st in rebounding, 2nd best scorer). His last record performance against Vitoria (95-81) is the perfect illustration (elected MVP of this 5th day), with his European records for scoring, rebounding and offensive rebounding.

Statistics: 16 points (59% at 2PTS), 7.6 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 1 block for 21.8 rating in 29 minutes (5 games, including 2 as starter)

Sylvain Francisco (Bayern Munich)

The first tests of Sylvain Francisco (1.85 m, 26 years old) in the EuroLeague are a success. In a scoring role coming off the bench, the former Paris Basketball player displays these qualities of outside shooting and basket attack, with this ability to create his own shots. Before the start of the season, his coach Pablo Laso said to himself “confident that he will be a real asset for [son] team “. For the moment, this is indeed the case!

Statistics: 10.2 points (52% at 2PTS and 34% at 3PTS), 2.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists for 9.6 rating in 22 minutes (5 games)


In this list, we could have highlighted competition regulars Rodrigue Beaubois (Anadolu Efes), Elie Okobo (Monaco) and Nando De Colo (ASVEL). Not necessarily the Frenchman we talk about the most, Rodrigue Beaubois Despite everything, he remains one of the most consistent French players on the European scene over the last five years, and he is once again proving it at the start of the season (10.2 points, 2.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists). Despite a failed start, like his team, Elie Okobo (10.4 points and 3.4 assists) seems to have found the right fuel. Enough to be the counterpart of Mike James this season and thus impose his left paw on all of Europe? Finally, in the ASVEL doldrums (soon over with the arrival of Pozzecco on the bench?), Nando De Colo continues to post solid statistics at age 36 (13 points and 3 assists)

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