The roosters took over the fishing in Reta spa

One of the great piscatorial alternatives that the weekend had was the fourth edition of the six hours of varied fishing organized by the Red Tide Club of Tres Arroyos, young organization that developed the tournament in the Reta spa, and that had like winner of the contest to Miguel Palermo, fan from the nearby town of Claromecó, who won the main prize of $2,500,000.

For Palermo, victory was given by the capture of a superb 3,260 kg roosterfish, forty grams more than the specimen captured by Mariano Iparraguirre, a canyon lover from San Cayetano who settled for second place. Another experienced rider completed the podium, the exponent of San Francisco de Bellocq, Gustavo Tenaglia, with a 3,130 kg rooster. Complete classification covered of this species that was the dominant one in total, to the joy of the fishermen who found a good presence of a fish that was highly enjoyed from a sporting point of view as well as from a gastronomic point of view.

Not only the great ones caught elephants, but also The cadets had the pleasure of achieving some piece, Just as it happened to Max Mugnaga from Tres Arroyos, who went up to the awards amphitheater after landing a 1,295 kg roosterfish. In the ladies, Claudia Porciel de Reta and Gabriela Giles de Miramar continue to achieve great work, achieving 1-2 among women.

Conformity in managers of Marea Roja after a tournament that exceeded expectations, with 698 beers participating and a climate that accompanied this beginning of the month of October. The day had a northwest wind for almost the entire day, which favored the fishing results, with a field that was very productive and, both on Sunday and in the previous one, the match was very good, of the rooster, such as whiting, sticks and the rest of the variety that is valid for the contest, with the exception of the mutt, in a correct decision by the CD led by Gastón Iudice, as important as the work carried out on Monday, where They toured the beach and left it completely clean, thanks to the collaboration of Carlos Frelis, from Reta.

Successful first event on the beaches of the Tres Arroyos district, spas that will continue in the coming weeks with activities of the Tres Arroyos fishing club, on 5/11, and the important contest of the Almafuerte Institute, on 11/19, both, an appetizer to the main courses that will be in February, with the traditional 24 hours of the black sea bass, and in March, with the proposal of the Echegoyen Recreational Club of San Francisco de Bellocq.

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