The Main Perpetrator Receives 21-Month Suspension from FVN Games Following Physical Attacks

The main perpetrator will be excluded from FVN games for 21 months until June 20, 2025 because of multiple physical attacks and will also not be allowed to enter any sports facilities in the FVN area for the next eight months. Two other TuS footballers have to watch for twelve months and eight months respectively. However, a TuS actor and the Büdericher SV team were acquitted. TuS

According to the police, during the altercation in September, two Büderich players were beaten and kicked by Xanten players and spectators after the final whistle of the encounter and were slightly injured. An ambulance took her to a hospital. There had apparently been verbal arguments during the game, and afterwards there was talk of racist insults. This accusation was vehemently rejected by BSV captain Fabian Fleuren afterwards.

2023-10-16 10:14:00
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