The controversy continues after Standard – Anderlecht: Lardot admits that there was peno!

1. Hand fault by Leoni. Lardot cancels the 0-3 after the intervention of Var. Lardot: “Le Var checked the phase at my request. It is clearly seen that the arm is held away from the body in an unnatural position. I know there was a deflection from his thigh to his hand, but the ball didn’t change direction.” Boucaut confirms: “Leoni has the clear advantage in arm control. So correct decision.”

2. No fault of Alazate’s hand. On the 1-2, Debast clears the ball against Alzate, who deceives Schmeichel from close range. Lardot: “The images are not the clearest. But an image taken behind the goal shows that the ball did not come into contact with the attacker’s arm, but with his stomach. Boucaut: “No image shows Alzate touching the ball with his hand. So correct decision.”

3. No hand fault from Ngoy. On the 3-2, Ngoy recovers the ball with his shoulder… or was it with his arm? Eleven did not ask Lardot’s opinion regarding this phase. But our consultant Boucaut hesitates: “In all the images on TV, we have a doubt, but nothing clearly shows that there was an arm fault. However, I received an image from a camera which was behind the goal, which would suggest that there was contact between the chest and the arm, which allowed Ngoy to maintain good control of the ball. I want to say that there was something, but it’s not easy to detect it.”

4. No penalty on Dolberg. The Mauves find that Vanheusden wrongly knocked Dolberg to the ground. Lardot: “Brian Riemer came to find me in my locker room and asked me if I had seen the phase and if Var had checked this contact. During the match, I concentrate on the right side, where the action takes place. So I have to ignore the players in the rectangle. When the ball is centered, I realize that Dolberg is on the ground. I inform the Var that this phase must be checked. Le Var considered that intervention was not necessary. After reviewing the images, I would have preferred that Var called me on the screen. We see that Dolberg also creates contact with Vanheusden. But it was more of a move to free himself from the player’s marking. When I see the attitude of Vanheusden who neglects the phase and the ball and who only concentrates on the attacker with his two arms, I would have made the decision to call a penalty.” Boucaut confirms: “It’s a clear penalty, and Var should have intervened. Vanheusden surrounded Dolberg without paying attention to the ball.”


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