Sardinia Trophy Champion Giuseppe Zirolia Shines at ‘Guido Sieni’ Sports Center

Sassari. The “Guido Sieni” sports center comes to the fore in the Italian Sardinia Trophy with the athlete Giuseppe Zirolia, who won the gold medal in the 55 kg category. Now it’s time to prepare for the Italian championships, with the knowledge of being able to compete with the best national judokas. The sensations of the young standard-bearer of the Sassari association and … (

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Perhaps Sony’s greatest achievement in the PlayStation 4 years was finding Insomniac again Games, software house let escape from Microsoft after the release of the very funny Sunset Overdrivea game that ironically we could define as the first real draft of what would later become theirs Spider-Man (

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will see the light very soon, but apparently the complete list of the game’s Trophies has already appeared online. The new adventure of Spidey (which you can pre-order on Amazon) promises to be unmissable for all Spider-Man fans. (

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there are already those who have platinumed the game in 30 hours

By entering the code at the time of payment, in fact, you can save €65.80, spending only €592.19 for the bundle with PS5 e DualSense Marvel’s theme Spider-Man 2 and, of course, the digital edition game. (Tom’s Hardware Italia)

A few weeks after the return of the two most famous ‘wall climbers’ on PlayStation, it seems that someone has already managed to platinum Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the highly anticipated title arriving on 20 October 2023 on PS5 (Gametimers)

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