Rafael van der Vaart and Marco van Basten praise Feyenoord’s Calvin Stengs for Dutch National Team selection

Rafael van der Vaart is very charmed by Feyenoord attacker Calvin Stengs. According to the former footballer, Stengs deserves a place in the selection of the Dutch National Team, as he said at the table. Rondo.

Van der Vaart says: “He can definitely play in the number 10 position. But he is good in one-on-one situations and I think he is a little better from that right side. At one point I thought about him against Atlético : Jesus, this is really world class. On the right he also really has that individual action. If you have a sideline in the back, you better look for your opponent. But on 10 he also does well. I think that he belongs to the Dutch team. I really think that Slot said that he is a nice player, but that, just like against Kökçü, he has indicated that he must be more effective,” concludes the 109-time international.

Marco van Basten, who has also joined, agrees with Van der Vaart. “He did very well from that right wing position. I think he is very good in that position in which he provides crosses and distributes the game,” says the former national coach.


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