Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium in Cali Prepared to Host 2023 Women’s Copa Libertadores


The Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium in Cali is ready to compete in the 2023 Women’s Copa Libertadores, after making the required adjustments for this new football festival.

In terms of adaptations, the field was aerated length and width and deepened between 7 and 8 centimeters to provide adequate oxygenation to the root mass of the grass. To counteract the action of the strong temperatures, water has had to be irrigated more frequently, early and at night, so that when the heat begins, the grass has the relative humidity to withstand the level of radiation that has occurred. the last few months in Cali.”

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Felipe Dulcey, undersecretary of sport, declared that ”Fortunately the stadium was in good condition, and the adjustments that had to be made were very few, such as the optimization of the dressing room facilities, the painting of some of the areas that were worn out, and the court follow-ups that the court required as stipulated by Conmebol.”

Monetarily, the investment was $1.37 billion between maintenance, grass and offices. With what the Mayor’s Office of Cali, the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, have demonstrated that Pascual Guerrero is one of the most important stadiums on the continent, capable of hosting large national and international tournaments, among which are added, the Copa América Femenina, the South American U-20, the matches of the Colombia Femenina team, the Junior Pan American Games and last year’s World Youth Athletics Championship.

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