Arrests Made in Robbery Case at Gianotti Newsstand in Vicenza


The two are under investigation for the robbery of the Gianotti newsstand in via Borgo Casale carried out on the morning of September 25th

A few days were enough for the investigators of the Operational and Radiomobile Unit of Vicenza to identify and arrest the two criminals who, on 25 September, had committed a robbery at the “Gianotti” stationery bookshop in Via Borgo Casale in Vicenza.

A precautionary custody order in prison was issued against Belkhadem Saad, 28 years old, homeless, convicted felon, already imprisoned in the prison of Vicenza. The second robber, Oscar Gecchele, a 28-year-old Italian, also homeless and with a criminal conviction, was also arrested. The latter, wanted, was tracked down by the military in Vicenza via Gorizia.

The two young people are under investigation as they are suspected of having carried out the robbery at the “Gianotti” newsstand in via Borgo Casale n. 262, scored on the morning of September 25th. That morning, two people, armed with a baseball bat, had entered the shop and, threatening the owner, had stolen approximately 1,600 euros in cash and a backpack.

The investigators’ investigations, carried out in collaboration with the State Police, focused on the testimonies given by other traders in the area and the viewing of various videos from cameras, including private ones, installed near the site of the crime. The elements collected thus made it possible to issue the precautionary custody order in prison against the two robbers.

Oscar Gecchele was taken to prison where Belkhadem Saad was already held, who is suspected of having also participated in the robbery of 19 September against the “Sorarù” pastry shop in Piazzetta Palladio; and for this reason, after a few days, he was arrested by the Vicenza Police Headquarters.

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