Municipality Provides New Clothing for Dedicated Sports Teachers and Coordinators in Lomas

From the Municipality they delivered new clothing to teachers, coordinators and those responsible for the free sports activities carried out in Lomas.

“We already know about the sporting achievements of Lomas: we are two-time champions of the most important competition at the Provincial level, but all this would not be possible without them who every day put passion and dedication into their work with absolute professionalism. They are the ones who are always there accompanying the athletes from Lomé with responsibility, vocation and with love”, they remarked from the Sports Secretariat.

Handball, soccer, rugby, skate and contact sports teachers already have the new t-shirts, pants and jackets with the colors that represent Lomas. “I want to thank the management for giving us the clothing and for having this beautiful gym that takes kids off the streets. We are very happy to be part of this team,” said Julián Alito, Olympic taekwondo teacher.

The Municipality has been investing in infrastructure, equipment and free training for years. One of the outstanding spaces of Parque de Lomas is the Contact Sports Gym of more than 400 square meters, a removable ring with folding stands, stands, changing rooms and toilets. There they teach boxing, judo, taekwondo, tai chi, kung fu and kick boxing classes.

This year they inaugurated three synthetic grass paddle tennis courts, official measurements and tempered glass. There are also new soccer and rugby fields that were created to enhance training, competitions and activities for both residents and professionals. Together with hockey they make up a top-level sports center.

Neighbors who want to play sports have to register on the official website, attach the requested documentation and download a form that must be completed by a doctor. Afterwards, they will receive an email with a sports card that they will have to present before entering the activity in the park located on Molina Arrotea and Las Lilas.

2023-10-21 13:28:47
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