Julia Figueroa Expresses Disappointment as Her Name Is Left off Unofficial List for European Judo Championships

Julia Figueroa from Córdoba is going through a tough time. 2023 is being really complex for the international judoka who has lived in Valencia for years, taking into account that her race towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is becoming extremely complicated. In fact, in recent times she has not been able to achieve a medal in any of the important tournaments in which he has appeared, being left out of them in the Grand Slam of Kazakhstan, Grand Slam of Mongolia, Hungarian Masters and Grand Slam of Baku, the latter held just a couple of weeks ago. What’s more, we must remember that her last international medal was obtained in October of last year at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, where she won a brilliant gold medal, although since then her record has gone empty. .

Julia Figueroa: “Yes, there is a basis in Spanish judo. Thanks to the federation? I don’t know”

And various physical and health problems have affected the woman from Córdoba since the end of 2022, which has prevented her from having competitive continuity that gives her greater possibilities of fighting for medals. Even so, Figueroa continues to show signs of progress in each tournament and remains within the ranking of the 20 best judokas in the world at her weight, which is -48 kilograms. Of course, she is already the third best Spanish on the list.

However, the big surprise for the judoka has occurred in the last few hours. And he was already with his mind set on the 2023 European Judo Championships, which will be held at the beginning of November, although everything seems to have been cut short after an unofficial list was revealed in which, surprisingly, his name does not appear, despite have extensive experience that includes no less than two Olympic participations.

Through a statement on her social networks, the woman from Córdoba has expressed her discomfort by stating that “there are times when one has to raise one’s voice if one intends for things to change.” Thus, he writes that, despite the fact that “the Spanish team for the European Championship is not official since the federation has not commented on the matter,” it seems to him that finding out through networks that he is not part of the team “at such a time important for Olympic qualification”, is of an “overwhelming lack of empathy, professionalism and respect”.

And she has not been “the first”, but “with this statement I do hope to be the last”, pointing out that a federation “at the level” of athletes is needed. Thus, this unofficial list already includes up to 17 athletes, with Figueroa being in the weight of Laura Martínez and Mireia Lapuerta, who are, yes, ahead of her in the world ranking.

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