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John Gaspartone of the presidents of the Barcelona Soccer Club (it is not yet known if the first) that paid the active vice president of the refereesfeel that Florentino Pérez has failed him. And a lot. That’s what she said in an interview she gave to RAC1, that it is discreditable that Florentino Pérez is not going to Saturday’s game, and that the president of Real Madrid knows that no illegality has been committed. Of course, that is why he is involved in the case, because Florentino knows that no illegality has been committed. And that’s why the judge talks about “systemic corruption”, because your honor also knows that no illegality has been committed. And that is why Judge Aguirre speaks of “corrupt referees”because he knows that no illegality has been committed. The distance from reality of this and other Barça presidents is truly worrying., actually some from the 20th century and all from the 21st century. Negreira acknowledges that the Catalan club paid by seeking neutrality, but Joan Gaspart assures that there is nothing illegal in that attitude.

Gaspart says, that I believe he never fully recovered from Luis Figo’s operation, that Florentino has failed him a lot. But why doesn’t Florentino go to the box? Florentino is not going to go to the Montjuic box because a Barça manager, specifically his deputy spokesperson, called clown to Vinicius and suggested that the best way to stop him was to use violence against him: “He deserves a slap in the face.” Until this individual, Mikel Camps, opened the jar of literary essences via Florentino had planned to go to the box. Because Florentino Pérez, like Madrid in general terms, is a pactist: he prefers to pay a little more for a footballer than what is stipulated so as not to get on bad terms with a club, he is inclined to respect a gentlemen’s agreement with a team that does not stop disrespect him… In short, he is used to reaching agreements. So much so that, even after this Camps seriously insulted a Madrid player, and according to what he revealed yesterday Joseph Pedrerol in The beach barthe Real Madrid president’s entourage contacted the Barça president’s entourage to find out what reaction they were going to have regarding this provocation. Florentino went to sleep on Tuesday with the idea of ​​going to the box to watch the game but, Upon verifying on Wednesday that Barça was not only not going to dismiss its spokesperson but was not going to react in any way, he changed his mind. What I mean by this is that Laporta did not leave Florentino any way out.

Why did Florentino Pérez change his mind? Well, he changed his mind because, despite everything, and this is the good news of the day, Football, although it is increasingly distant from the fans, continues to belong to the people. If Real Madrid were a public limited company belonging to Florentino Pérez, it is very likely that the owner of the club would have gone to the box, but Real Madrid is one of its partners and, by extension, also from his millions of followers spread around the world. And, although Florentino is above good and evil, he interpreted, and I believe he did so correctly, that Madrid fans were going to feel humiliated by his presence. That’s why Florentino won’t be in the box the day after tomorrow, because football still belongs to the people.

It’s curious how quickly Xavi has the trigger to draw praising Qatar and attacking Spanish democracy and how alarmingly slow it is in the face of a reality that is before its own eyes. Senny? Values? More than a club? Milongas. Today he had his great opportunity to say loud and clear that calling a footballer a clown, regardless of the team, is not right, but, on the contrary, he stared at the journalist and was unable to criticize the messy manager. of his club, of yours, of Fútbol Club Barcelona. It’s like when the other day, and the question of the Negreira case, said that he had never felt that the referees had helped him on the field. And that has to do? They are asking you what you think that Barça has paid so much money and for such a long time to none other than the referee vice president. Is it so difficult to say, “it was wrong”? Or do you think it wasn’t, Xavi? Please clarify it for us. Do you think he was okay?

Unfortunately not all of us can live in Gasparlandia. In Gasparlandia, Barça can pay the vice president of the referees and a culé manager can call a Real Madrid footballer a clown without anything happening. What’s more, in Gasparlandia those who do not pay fail and those who do not insult defraud. And what does José Ángel Sánchez’s platonic love, Mr. Joan Laporta, think of all this? What does the president who quadrupled his emoluments to the first Negreira think of all this? ANDl periobarcelonismo We already know what he thinks, that is, what Laporta thinks. And we also know what he writes, what Laporta dictates. But what about him? What does he think? Well, if he has not fired the spokesperson, he must think that calling Vinicius a clown and justifying a possible attack against him is fine. All’s well That ends well. And it is good for Real Madrid that its president does not go to the box on Saturday. It would be much better if he did not come for a very long time, until Barça regenerates. TEduardo Fernández de Blas should hardly be therebut well… And, by the way, That the appointment of Gil Manzano feels bad to some illustrious followers of the club that paid Enríquez Negreira for seventeen years!… Anyway. There are faces that are harder than CrCoNI, which is an alloy composed of chromium, cobalt and nickel, discovered by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It takes courage. That and, of course, living in Gasparlandia.

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