How Mutual Understanding and Respect Can Solve Conflict between Couples: The Matter of Men Drying Their Clothes

How did the matter of men drying their clothes become unified across the country?

How did the matter of men drying their clothes become unified across the country?

There are always stumbling blocks between couples. If you find that your partner accidentally did something wrong, how would you deal with it? Is it to blame and abuse, or to endure the humiliation and digest it yourself? There are all kinds of things in the world, and gentleness comes. Hello everyone, I am Jiang Yue Liusheng, and this is Yue Ban Whisper. Today, I will still accompany you to explore every bit of life. Getting along between husband and wife is actually not easy. As the saying goes, the gap between the upper and lower teeth is sometimes half and half, let alone a husband and wife? But if there is a little conflict between husband and wife, how should we deal with it correctly? In fact, blaming is not the best way to solve the problem. Husbands and wives should regard mutual understanding and respect as an important principle in getting along with each other. Is everything negotiable? Never escalate conflicts casually. Once a war is initiated, it will be very difficult to cease fire. Let’s take the matter of boys doing housework. In fact, most boys can still do housework, but some boys may not be as skillful as girls in doing housework. For example, if a boy is asked to wash the dishes, he may not take the initiative to wash the pots. If you let him dry his clothes, you may see weird ways of drying them. You can say, what it looks like when you take it out of the washing machine, what it looks like when it is hung up to dry, and there are even many completely unexpected and creative ways to dry it. middle.

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