Generational Change in Badminton: Mother-Daughter Gold Medalists and the Rise of Korean Players

All three daughters play badminton… Mom hates teaching.
A complete generational change… Excellent player skills and teamwork

■ Broadcast: CBS Radio FM 98.1 (07:20~09:00)
■ Host: Anchor Kim Hyun-jung
■ Interview: Kim Hye-jeong (badminton player), Jeong So-young (Jeonbuk Sports Council Director)

This holiday season is a feast for the eyes and ears thanks to our Asian Games athletes competing in Hangzhou, China. In particular, in this sport, badminton, a gold medal was won in the women’s team event the day before yesterday. It was the first gold medal in 29 years. Every time we played in the finals, we lost to China. But this time it was even more valuable because we won on China’s home ground. There was one record in particular that became a hot topic. The first mother-daughter gold medalist in Korea’s Asian Games history was born. Let’s now hear directly from Kim Hye-jeong, the gold medalist in the women’s team event in badminton. Let’s connect locally in Hangzhou. Kim Hye-jeong is here.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Hello.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Oh my, congratulations.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Thank you.

Hangu players are cheering after winning the badminton women’s team event at the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ at the Binjiang Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China on the 1st. The national team won the gold medal by defeating China with a game score of 3-0 in the women’s team final held on this day. Korea stopped China’s dominance and rose to the top of the Asian Games 29 years after the 1994 Hiroshima Games, in which Bang Bang-hyeon and Ra Kyung-min played an active role. Hangzhou (China) = Reporter Jinhwan Hwang
◇ Kim Hyun-jung> After the gold medal was confirmed, all of our players hugged each other and started talking.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes, yes.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> How did you feel at that time?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> I think everyone ran out the moment the gold medal was confirmed because they couldn’t believe it was their first gold medal in China in 29 years. It was a moment I had always dreamed of and had a goal for, so I was so happy that it came true and I think everyone just shed tears.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That’s right. Actually, the team match is a very long fight, guys. A total of 5 games are played (singles, doubles, singles, doubles, singles), and the team that wins three of them first wins. The game time lasted over 5 hours. In that way, 10 players will take turns playing from the round of 18 to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. Ga-eun Kim put that last stop. How did our players feel when Kim Ga-eun, ranked 18th in the world, beat the Chinese player ranked 5th in the world?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> We also won this time without giving up a single set. Ga-eun was ranked lower than her opponent, but she won once recently, so I thought she might be able to win a little, but she did so well that I remember everyone getting up and fighting every time she won.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> I heard somewhere that when 10 of our athletes stood on the podium, hung their medals around their necks, and sang the national anthem, it was so sad to hear it. Was that actually the case?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes, whenever we listen to the national anthem, our national flag is always the highest and it brings tears to my eyes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Tears come out. Whose face comes to mind when it comes to our Kim Hye-jeong? While listening to the national anthem.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> I am a member of our team.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> The faces of my teammates come to mind.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes, I am so grateful.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Again, again.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> I even thought of my parents, grandmother, and grandfather.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Mom, dad, grandmother, and even grandfather. Our player Kim Hye-jeong’s mother is Jeong So-young, who won the gold medal in badminton at the Asian Games 29 years ago, right?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Since you are appearing on the broadcast, would you like to say something to your mother in Korea?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> To your mother?

◇ Hyunjung Kim> To my mother.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Mom, I won a gold medal. I am thankful that I was able to win this medal thanks to my mom, and I will win a medal later at the Olympics. love you.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> I think you’re crying a little while saying I love you. Yes? Are you listening to your daughter’s voice?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, I am listening.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Oh my, my.

◇ Kim Hyun-jeong> Kim Hye-jeong.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> I am now connected to your mother.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Hello, my daughter.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Please say hello. Two minutes.

◆ Jeong So-young> I am my daughter’s mother.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Mom, why are you here? (laugh)

◆ Jeong So-young> Why is Mom here? (laugh)

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Mom, why are you here? Didn’t you know that we were simultaneously connecting with Kim Hye-jeong’s mother today?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Didn’t the coaches tell you at all?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> The secrecy was maintained well. mother. (laugh)

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, yes. (laugh)

◇ Hyun-Jeong Kim> Now our daughter Hye-Jeong Kim loves her mom. She said her mother’s face came to mind while listening to the national anthem. You should tell her daughter.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> I am so grateful to my daughter for thinking of her mom, her family, and her grandmother and grandfather on the podium like that. Thank you very much.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Do it for your daughter. Hyejeong, you have to do it like this. You can’t thank me. (laugh)

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Thank you, Hyejeong.

◇ Hyunjeong Kim> Thank you, Hyejeong. No, she was really happy to see her daughter win a gold medal in the same Asian Games team event 29 years after her mother.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> It was a gold medal that I had never expected, so my heart was so moved, I was so thankful, and I was so happy while watching TV.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> I’m so happy. In fact, today I am now calling you Kim Hye-jeong’s mother, but our Jeong So-young is a legendary player, everyone. The 1992 Barcelona Olympics, when badminton was first adopted as an official Olympic sport. The first doubles gold medalist at that time was Soyoung Jeong, right?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, that’s right.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Since then, he has led the Korean badminton world and is currently walking the path of a leader by teaching high school students. How do you compare the skills of our players then and now?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> We won the gold medal in the team event at the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games, and I think the players now are much more skilled than when we were there, and the teamwork and other atmosphere in the team event is really great.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Are our players doing better?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, I’m doing better now.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> You went through a bit of a downturn for a while.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> That’s right.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That’s right. Then, do you think the generational change has been completely completed? How do you foresee it?

◆ Jeong So-young> From my perspective as a senior, there has been a complete generational change, and the current players are leading badminton well. In the future, as those seniors change generations again, I carefully think about whether there will be another generational change as they lead their juniors well.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Now you see that you have completely overcome the recession, or that you have come out of it.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, that’s right.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> I’m glad. Fortunately, the. No, Kim Hye-jeong.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jeong> I see that our player Kim Hye-jeong, her two younger brothers, and her two younger sisters all play badminton.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Isn’t that right? And my father is also the badminton coach at Seongji Girls’ High School.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes, yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> My whole family plays badminton.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> That’s right.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> No, your mother told you to try it, Hye-jeong, and told you to try it? Or did she decide to do it herself?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> I started when I was in elementary school. After school, I always just went to the gym and went to my parents’ place, so I think that’s how I started.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> My parents were just playing there, so I went to watch it and tried it once or twice and it was fun?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Even back then, I think he told me to just give it a try even though it wasn’t fun at the time.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Rather than playing around, give it a try. It happens like this.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes, yes.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> No, mother.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, yes.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> In fact, exercise is not an easy path, and badminton is not a popular sport like soccer or baseball. It’s a lonely road.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> That’s right.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> You didn’t want to stop her when your daughters said they would do it.

◆ Jeong So-young> Now that I have quit exercising, retired, and gotten married, when my children say that I have children and they are playing sports, I just don’t want to stop them. Now, as a senior, the path she has walked is difficult, but badminton still has a bright future, so I don’t think she wanted to stop her daughters if they insisted on doing it.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> It is true that it is a difficult path, but if you say you don’t like it and I can’t force it, I will help you. To that extent.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> No, but even if you practice driving because you can’t do it, they say you can’t do it with your family, and they end up fighting. Did you teach it yourself?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> I have never once taken my daughters to the gym and exercise together, even though it is my Sunday off. The kids hated it. Exercising with mom.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> No, your mom is a legend?

◆ Jeong So-young> Kids have grown up without seeing me exercise. So when other people say, my mom was like that, was she that kind of person? My mom is so amazing, she just can’t think like this.

◇ Kim Hyun-jeong> Oh my, I need to hear Hye-jeong’s story. Kim Hye-jeong. Her mother is a legendary player who was inducted into the World Badminton Hall of Fame. Didn’t you think of learning from her mother?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Why?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> No, I couldn’t listen to my mom because she only thought of me as a mother and a teacher.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> I only think of her as a mother, not as a teacher.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Well, then there are five members of the family, all of whom are currently playing actively, so when the family gets together, does this family mainly talk about badminton? mother.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> We talk about badminton a lot, but I hope my daughters don’t talk about sports anymore when we get together. We say that a lot. I just like to exercise only at the gym, and when my family gets together, I wish we could just talk about things between ourselves. But now, as a mother, I want to give some kind of feedback, and I’m thinking about it, but my daughters don’t like it, so I can’t talk about it because I’m worried about what they think.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> No, looking at this house, the mother and father keep wanting to talk about badminton, and the daughters feel a bit burdened.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, that’s right.

◇ Kim Hyun-jeong> Our listener Hong Gui asked a question saying that our Kim Hye-jeong’s house will be full of badminton clubs. Is that correct? Hyejeong.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> That’s right.

◇ Hyunjeong Kim> Is that right?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Talk about Hyejeong.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> That’s right.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> It’s fun. I feel even better because our player Kim Hye-jeong won the gold medal, and badminton is actually an unpopular sport. It’s not a popular professional sport where money and fame just follow, but I feel better because I think that badminton is maintaining its place so firmly in the world because there are families who love badminton like this. Yes. mother. Aren’t the Olympics waiting for you after the Hangzhou Asian Games?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, that’s right.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Do you have expectations for your juniors at the Paris Olympics next year?

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Of course. I am fully looking forward to it.

◇ Hyun-Jeong Kim> Is it possible to win a gold medal there too, Hye-Jeong Kim?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> I think a gold medal is quite possible.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> These days, when our team members get together, is our morale really high?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> If this atmosphere is the case, it is good news that we can look forward to next year’s Olympics. Lastly, as a legendary player and mother, can you say a word to our athlete Kim Hye-jung and her juniors?

◆ Jeong So-young> Today, my juniors are doing really well in the Hangzhou Asian Games, so as a senior, I am very proud of them. But don’t be satisfied with this moment. There’s a bigger competition, the Olympics, next year. I hope that the goals of our junior athletes, who are taking one step at a time towards the Olympics, will be achieved.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Saying “Hyejeong-ah” to my daughter.

◆ Jeong So-young> Hye-jeong, our daughter, fighting. Mom loves me so much.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Hye-jeong, you have to answer.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Thank you. I love you too.

◆ Jeong So-young> Yes.

◇ Hyunjeong Kim> Are you always good at saying I love you, Hyejeong?

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> You’re doing well.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> You’re doing well. It’s a new family. Just hearing people say I love them back and forth like this on air makes me feel good. Mother, when our Kim Hye-jeong returns home after finishing the game, you cook us lots of delicious food when we return home. Please continue to show us that you are a good family that will firmly protect our badminton world. Kim Hye-jeong worked hard. Thank you, mother.

◆ Soyoung Jeong> Yes, thank you.

◆ Kim Hye-jeong> Yes, thank you.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> It was Kim Hye-jeong, the gold medalist in the badminton women’s team event, and coach Jeong So-young.

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