Referee Chiefs Contemplate Releasing Audio of VAR Call in Tottenham-Liverpool Controversy

After recognizing an error on the goal denied to Luis Diaz during Tottenham-Liverpool (2-1) last weekend, the referee chiefs should publish the audio of the conversation between the referees to put an end to the controversy which ignites England.

Fault confessed is half redressed? Three days after the sulphurous Tottenham-Liverpool (2-1), marked by two red cards and an unfairly disallowed goal for the Reds, the referee chiefs are reportedly on the verge of publishing the audio of the VAR call, which had sanctioned an offside by the Brazilian on the opening score of Jürgen Klopp’s players.

According to Daily Mail, Liverpool, who are not letting go of the matter, would have put pressure on the leaders of the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Board, editor’s note) Monday evening to ask them for a copy of the recording of the VAR call on this action. What the body would be prepared to do, even if the body was initially divided on the issue. Discussions are expected to continue this Tuesday to determine the appropriate time for the broadcast of the exchanges, an investigation still being underway.

A broadcast to accept your mistake?

The organization’s leaders disagreed over whether the conversation between referee Simon Hooper and VAR officials Darren England and his assistant Dan Cook should be revealed. Some thought they had to own up to their mistake by showing immediate transparency. Alongside the investigation into the Tottenham-Liverpool match, the PGMOL is also reviewing its policy of allowing referees to carry out international duties between Premier League matches.

On Sunday, the Reds published an offensive statement in response to the admissions of the refereeing body concerning the “clear and obvious factual error” on the goal not awarded to Luis Diaz. “It is unsatisfactory that there was not enough time to make the right decision and that there was no subsequent intervention. It is also unacceptable that such failures have already been qualified as ‘significant human error’. All results should be established by review only and with full transparency.”

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