Carolina Marín Experiences Unexpected Defeat in French Open Quarterfinals

Defeat of Carolina Marín in the quarterfinals of the French Open. / Photo: Badminton Photo.

SD “It is not the result we wanted. Time of return to Spain and recover as I need. Thank you, France!” Message from Carolina Marín on social networks shortly after saying bye unexpectedly in the quarterfinals of the Badminton French Openafter fall to the Japanese Aya Ohori in two sets (18-21 y 18-21) in 61 minutes.

Was a unprecedented party because the two had not faced each other. After their dispute Carolina already knows first hand the Ohori aggressive play. The Huelva native, With difficulty, he was able to maintain equality in the initial stretch from the first set, which went to the end anyway rest with advantage for the Asian (8-11). Back on the track Carolina Marín Not only equalized the contestbut even took a minimal income two points (18-16). But a partial 0-5 of the Japanese gave him the victory in that initial round.

That final arreón of Of course had continuity at the start of second set with a 1-5 for the Japanese. She squeezed Carolina even though interval The score of the first game was repeated: 8-11. Things got worse for the team from Huelva when they returned to the court with a disturbing 9-14. Carolina reacted what equalized the set (14-14 and 15-15)who once again opted for the side Ohori with a partial of 1-5: 16-20. Although the one from Huelva did not deliver and saved two match flyerseverything ended in the third, with the Japanese scoring the lead for 18-21 thus ending the match.

2023-10-27 16:33:05
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