Ahn Se-young Announces Return to Badminton Court and Rejects Advertising Requests


Ahn Se-young, who won the gold medal in the badminton finals of the Asian Games after a fighting spirit, will return in November.

Seyoung Ahn also revealed the reason why she rejected numerous advertising requests.

Reporter Kim Dong-min reports.


World badminton, with Ahn Se-young missing due to injury, is becoming a solo stage for Asian Games runner-up Chen Yu-fei.

Following the Denmark Open, Chen Yufei also won the French Open.

Ahn Se-young, who is focusing on injury treatment and rehabilitation, announced that she will return to the court in mid-November.

My current condition is about 50 to 60 percent, but I am determined to keep my body in shape until then.

[안세영 / 세계랭킹 1위 : 11월 중순에 일본오픈이 있는데 그 대회부터 시작해서 올해가 가기 전에 세 개 대회를 뛰고 그만할 생각입니다.]

Ahn Se-young turned down many advertising requests after the Asian Games, saying that she did not become a special celebrity just because of a medal.

He confessed his feelings, saying that he thought achieving his dream came first.

[안세영 / 세계랭킹 1위 : 많은 인터뷰랑 광고가 많이 들어왔었는데, 아직 이루고 싶은 꿈을 못 이뤘기 때문에 지금 제가 두 개를 다하기는 벅차고 죄송하지만 뒤로 미루고 몸을 끌어올리는 것에 집중을 했고요.]

There are now eight months until the Paris Olympics, which Ahn Se-young dreams of.

Toward the final puzzle, the Olympic stage, badminton queen Ahn Se-young has started moving again.

This is YTN Kim Dong-min.

Photographer: Lee Dong-hyeong
Video Editing: Oh Hwon Seul-gi

YTN Kim Dong-min ([email protected])

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2023-10-31 06:35:09
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