Ahn Se-young Advances to Finals for women’s badminton gold at Hangzhou Asian Games

Ahn Se-young, world number one in women’s badminton, is one game away from winning the singles gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the semifinals of the tournament, Ahn Se-young faced China’s He Bingjiao, ranked 5th in the world, and used a one-sided attack and wide defense to win 2-0 in 42 minutes and advance to the finals.

It has been 29 years since the 1994 Hiroshima Games that a Korean female player reached the finals in badminton singles.

The men’s doubles team of Choi Sol-gyu and Kim Won-ho, who caused an upset by defeating the world’s second-ranked Chinese team in the round of 16 and advanced to the semifinals, also advanced to the finals by defeating the Taiwanese team 2-0.

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2023-10-06 10:10:40
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