Zalla makes a great comeback against Barakaldo in a friendly

Zalla showed very good manners against a Barakaldo team that does not like to lose even in friendlies. Despite the difference in two categories that separate both teams, the local team made a great comeback full of goals in Landaberri (4-3), so a good prediction could be predicted for them in the Honor Division. For its part, the factory team took advantage of this commitment to get more filming in this league start and for the less common players to accumulate minutes on the green.

Only Borja García repeated in the eleven that Imanol de la Sota fielded in Gobela last Saturday. At half-time Pedernales, Artetxe, Torre, Laka and Pacheco came out onto the field to play the entire second half. While Gaztañaga and Huidobro played the last half hour. The only ones who did not appear were Urki Txoperena, who retired injured in the first half against Arenas, Xabi Cortezón and Ekaitz Molina. These were replaced by the youth players Aritz, Haitz and Hugo, who completed the entire second half.

Barakaldo did not go to Landaberri for a walk, far from it. Even so, Zalla showed a great version at home, matching the game with one of the favorites of the Second Federation. In fact, he took the lead after half an hour of play with a goal from Unai Ayo, who put just the tip of his foot in to finish off Jagoba’s cross. Seven minutes later, Orozko rebalanced the balance by getting away from the goalkeeper and shooting into an empty goal. The factory striker would score again just before the break with a great header.

The Baracaldians would have everything in their favor in the second half, since Imanol Torre converted a penalty at the beginning of it, deceiving the goalkeeper. It seemed that the match was sealed, but it would only be the beginning of the comeback that the locals created in just twelve minutes. Gorka Olazabal closed the distance with an excellent dive on Unai Pérez. Shortly after, Erik Tajada beat the factory goalkeeper low to re-establish the tie. The final 4-3 was the work of Alberto López.

2023-09-13 19:15:59
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