Two police officers shoot a pregnant black woman to death in the United States

The new victim of police violence In the United States, she was 21 years old, black, and pregnant. The Ohio authorities have made public the images of the moment in which the woman, who was unarmed, is shot on suspicion that she had stolen some bottles in a supermarket.

Again two white police officers, again an unarmed black person shot to death, again in the United States. The ohio police has made public this sequence recorded by the body cameras of two agents in a a suburb of Columbus.

The death of the pregnant 21-year-old

Apparently, the agents went to a supermarket after an employee called them because a woman he had stolen some bottles of alcohol. The agents intercept her in the parking lot and order her to get out of her car because she is suspected of a robbery.

Within seconds, one of the policemen shoots the woman. The bullet passes through the front window, mortally wounding the driver while the car continues to move slowly until crash into a wall.

According to the authorities, the policemen tried to revive her but when she arrived at the hospital she was already dead. The autopsy revealed that the victim, Takia Young, 21, was pregnant and the fetus also did not survive.

The criminal investigation into the death of the young pregnant woman

Sean Walton, Young’s family lawyer, has revealed that the young woman’s family is completely devastated: “Takia’s family is devastated. What I can say is that the video only confirmed their fears that Takia was unjustifiably killed. Takia and her daughter were unjustifiably killed ”.

Now the Ohio attorney general A criminal investigation has already begun into these events, which occurred 10 days ago but which have been made public after the family members denounced them.

“We found a witness who was in the store at the same time as Takia. He saw her put the bottles down as she left the store and never committed any robbery“Says the defense.

For his part, the agent who shot is on administrative leave, only suspended from employment, not from salary. Meanwhile, his partner continues with his usual work. According to the chief of the police station, the shot was justified because the woman did not stop her car and threatened the safety of the police.


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