The roof comes off at the Bosuil: AA Gent dugout dies due to the actions of a spectator: “It was exactly like a bomb that exploded”


Commotion during Antwerp-Ghent. About twenty minutes before time the roof came off at the Bosuil. And we mean that literally… Part of the AA Gent dugout had suddenly crashed. The cause: a spectator near the dugout. “That was someone expressing his frustration.”

A bit of a shock for everything and everyone on the Ghent bench around minute 70. Suddenly they heard a loud bang. “That was someone who expressed his frustration in the dug-out,” was the simple explanation from KAA Gent coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck. “It was exactly like a bomb that exploded next to us. But it was the roof of the dugout that fell down. That was a bit of a shock, but we have experienced worse.”


Although the coach cannot lie that it is not the first time that something like this has happened in the Bosuil Stadium. “It’s been worse than this. It is not the first time that there have been problems here around the visitors’ bench. The people who sit there should think carefully or the club should think about who is allowed to sit there. There should be people there who can control themselves a little bit. You can become champion, you can win the cup, but you can’t always win and have everything the way you want.”

2023-09-27 21:20:31
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