The Remarkable 3-Point Skill of Luke Kennard: One of the Top 10 Seasons in NBA History

The 3-point shot has become such a widespread weapon in the NBA that certain performances go completely unnoticed. This is the case of that of Luke Kennard last season. Traded during the season to Memphis after starting it with the Los Angeles Clippers, the former Duke gunner did not lose his shot on the plane between California and Tennessee. He even quite simply had one of the ten best seasons all-time in terms of 3-point skill.

With his 49.44% from downtown, on a sample of 269 attempts in 59 matches, Kennard ranks 9th among the most skillful seasons in history, ejecting Craig Hodges (49.14% in 1987-1988) from the top 10. The season Previously, the person concerned had already finished at the top of the league in 3-point percentage with 44.9% success.

For comparison, here is the rest of the top 10, with the volume to help put each of these exceptional seasons into perspective. The number one still remains Kyle Korver, present twice in the ranking, and his 53.6% at 3 points in 2009-2010 with the Jazz, even if the number of his attempts is significantly lower than that of Luke Kennard.

1-Kyle Korver (Utah Jazz, 2009-2010): 53.64% at 59/110, 52 matches

2- Steve Kerr (Chicago Bulls, 1994-1995): 52.35% at 89/170, 82 matches

3- Tim Legler (Washington Bullets, 1995-1996): 52.24% at 128/245, 77 matches

4- Jon Sundvold (Miami Heat, 1988-1989): 52.17% at 48/92, 68 matches

5- Steve Kerr (Chicago Bulls, 1995-1996): 51.48% at 122/237, 82 matches

6- Jason Kapono (Miami Heat, 2006-2007): 51.43% at 108/210, 81 matches

7- Detlef Schrempf (Seattle Supersonics, 1994-1995): 51.38% at 93/181, 82 matches

8- Steve Kerr (Cleveland Cavaliers, 1989-1990): 50.69% at 73/144, 78 matches

9- Luke Kennard (Los Angeles Clippers/Memphis Grizzlies): 49.44% at 133/269, 59 matches

10- Kyle Korver (Atlanta Hawks, 2014-2015): 49.22% at 221/449, 75 games

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