The Growing Influence of NBL in Developing NBA Players: A Gateway to Success

NBL – The Thunder leader points to the increase in the number of NBA players with NBL experience as proof, and vice versa.

What do LaMelo Ball, Ousmane Dieng and Jock Landale have in common? They all went through the Australian league before winning the Great League. “ Last season alone, 14 players with NBL experience appeared on an NBA court “, figure Josh Giddeymentioning his young French teammate.

The Thunder playmaker took up his pen in the Australian daily Herald Sun to say all the good things he thinks about the local championship. A league that he himself attended, with the Adelaide 36ers, before being drafted in 2021 by OKC, in 6th position.

« It has been said recently that the NBL is the best basketball league in the world outside of the NBA and, having played in both, I can honestly say that this is not a mere observation or clever marketing strategy “, he wrote, describing this league as ” a real gateway » to the United States.

He thus believes that, “ While there are profound differences – the most obvious being player salaries in the NBA – from a purely basketball perspective, the NBL is the closest thing to the NBA ».

A comparable “fast” style

In his demonstration, the Australian mentions the physical dimension of the game, the rigors of the regular season schedule, and the importance of recovery. Without forgetting the style of play. The ‘fast’ style of the NBL, as opposed to the slower half-court play in Europe, is closer to the NBA style, making the transition easier

», Judges the future executive of the Australian selection.

Thus according to him, the NBL, in which around twenty players with NBA experience should play next season, has become a “ destination » for those aiming for the American championship, or wishing to return there. He cites as an example the young Luke Travers, drafted by the Cavs in 2022 (56th choice).

« Luke told me that the Cavs encouraged him to stay in the NBL to progress and develop his game, rather than going to Europe or Asia. NBA teams are clearly convinced of the value and quality of the NBL, as over 45 NBA scouts have registered to attend the NBL pre-season », Reports Josh Giddey, to whom the agent explained that it would be an attendance record.

The Melbourne native ends up quoting Luka Doncic who declared in 2022 that scoring in the NBA was easier and that “ the European game is a more collective, more tactical game ». « No one is suggesting the NBA is easier than the NBL, but Luka’s logic can absolutely apply to the Australian league », termine Josh Giddey.

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