The Enduring Brotherhood: The Special Relationship Between Partizan Belgrade and Fuenlabrada

In 1991, during the height of the Balkan War, a moving and lasting story began to unfold in the world of basketball. Partizan Belgrade, due to the circumstances of the war in the Balkans, was forced to play its European Cup matches away from its homeland and found refuge in Fuenlabrada, where the local team welcomed it in the Fernando Martín pavilion. Nobody could foresee the final chapter of this story, since Partizan would end up becoming European champions that season.

This milestone marked the resurgence of basketball in Fuenlabrada and the birth of a special bond between the two cities, with both teams exchanging gestures of gratitude over the years. Both teams have met twice in the Fernando Martínez pavilion in Fuenlabrada, but in 2023 the Serbian team wanted to act as host in Belgrade, in the emblematic Kalemegdan stadium, a place full of emotions and history, with a lot of meaning for the team. Serbian. Beyond the final result (93-63), the locals showed their deep gratitude to Fuenlabrada with banners and songs, underlining the friendship that endures in sport.

The local fans joined in the tribute, filling the stadium and creating an atmosphere of magical celebration with flares and chants. The game became a basketball party. In this unique outdoor setting, surrounded by historic walls and basketball courts, another chapter was written in this history of sporting brotherhood that will endure over time.

2023-09-13 19:13:17
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