Doris Beckmann Legorreta, daughter of the owner of José Cuervo tequila, dies – El Sol de México

The Mexican businesswoman Doris Beckmann Legorreta died this September 12 at the age of 51.

Daughter of Juan Francisco Beckmann, one of the most recognized tequila entrepreneurs nationwide and whose leading brand, José Cuervo, is known throughout the world.

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Given the death of Doris Beckmann, the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce sent its condolences to the tequila family through its social networks.

Who was Doris Beckmann Legorreta?

She was born in 1972 and was the youngest daughter of the three born by the current president for life of the tequila company that is a sales leader.

He studied business administration at the Anáhuac University and also specialized in institutions in New York and Switzerland.

She created the Dora B jewelry company, with unique and coveted pieces, but was primarily known for her altruistic work.

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Just last May, his mother Doris Legorreta Santos died at 78 years of age.

Originally published in El Occidental

2023-09-14 01:48:24
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