The Battle for the Fall of Ech: FC Viktoria Plzen Defeats TJ Jiskra Domalice in a Thrilling Derby


FC Viktoria Plzeň

Tvrdo Fier, Vacek, Deml (63. Falout), Krta (74. Vach), Koddek (74. tauber), Haek, Vrba (63. Planeta), Novek (80. Doubek), ihk, Lrincz

TJ Jiskra Domalice

Brych (46. Cherepko) Muk, Zajek (78. ern), Fillo, Pavlk (46. Rychnovsk), Jedlika (74. Jahn), Svoboda (46. Dvok), Vvra, Prochzka, Fedak, Vais


Goals: 37. Haek, 66. Haek – 57. Muk K: Koddek – Muk, Jedlika, Svoboda, Vvra, Fedak, 2x Vais K: Vais Decision: Severn vorc, Hrivk

Giants: 620

The battle for the fall of ech. It took place today in Lun street, when Viktoria Plze and Jiskra Domalice faced each other. Pavel Hak’s two goals decided the comeback and those points remained in Pilsen.

She drank the first shot of salvation in seven minutes. Adam Vrba sent a cross from the right side, which found Jindich Novek, who headed it into the Domalic goal. The 13th minute brought Domalic’s first foul. A ground ball from the right side flew into the space between the penalty mark and he had a goal, and Tom Jedlika found it, but Marin Tvrdo made a fantastic save. For a while, the victorians were preparing a big party. The left-footed stele sent by Pavel Haek was headed for a corner kick by goalkeeper Luk Brych.

The first goal of the rescue fell six minutes before the end. After a foul just before the penalty, the country received a red card for a standard situation. Pavel Haek took it, sending his shot into the upper left corner of the goal and sending the ball into the goalpost. Half-time score was 1:0 for Viktorinsk bko.

In the 52nd minute, Viktorini took a corner kick. M found the head of the captain Adam ihk, but he sent it to the top of the goal structure. After a while, Domalice got even. Petr Muk’s Teovan stele went behind the goal line.

In the 66th minute, he played in the red and blue after winning, and he went into a fast counter-flow. M guided the imon Planeta, which was sailed by Pavel Haek. He got the ball, processed it and with his left foot sent the quizzes back into the lead.

In a wild rescue, guest Jon Vais received two lut cards and had to go to the cabin. Victorini enjoyed a one-goal jump and won the derby 2:1.

rated by trenra

Josef Parlsek: The answer is positive. I have to praise the game for its excellent performance. I think we played a very good first half, we deservedly took the lead. I think that we could have paid VC as well, on the other hand, we could have collected once. At the end of the second half, we didn’t fully grasp it, the soup pushed us and equalized. Then we succeeded in the event, thanks to which we gave consideration to gl. Anyway, I have to praise the game, how they played the game. Marin Tvrdo broke us in key moments. Today you will be in a good mood and positive emotions, because that rescue had good parameters. This is the song we need, a song of such salvation, that our games will stick together and move forward in their perfection.”


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