Two Months Later: Revealing the Ravages of the July Storm in Zaragoza

Beyond María Zambrano: the ravages of the July storm in Zaragoza are visible two months laterMIGUEL ANGEL GRACE

Almost two months ago now, the sky broke over Zaragoza. On July 6, an unprecedented storm surprised many residents of the Aragonese capital, flooding streets and causing numerous problems. No.or there were deaths despite the images left by the torrential rain, but the effects of the downpour were felt for days. The worst part was taken by the María Zambrano school, but in the surroundings of this center the ravages caused by that phenomenon are still visible.

That day, the Z-30, at the height of the ravine of the Deathbetween Parque Venecia and the neighborhood of La Paz, it became a torrent of water in which several people from Zaragoza were trapped in their vehicles. Today, there is nothing to suggest that a whitewater river ran through it that reached almost a meter in height. There are some oleanders in the median that are still lying down. And there is brush carried by the current that has not yet been removed. Note, yes, the change in color between the old tiles and the new ones that had to be placed to replace those raised by the current.

In this newly built neighborhood, the Lidl –located right in front of the María Zambrano school– still closed. The water entered with force and flooded everything. Today the mark left by the water in the parking lot is still visible, which reached a height of almost two meters underground, causing numerous material damages.

Closed 8The Lidl is still unopened and the watermark in the garage is visible. | MIGUEL ANGEL GRACE

Inside the supermarket the mud continues to dirty the ground. They have removed all the shelves and aisles. The building is empty and it does not appear that the reopening is imminent. The workers, meanwhile, are in erte. Some fences placed at the entrance of the car park inform that it is not possible to access. And a sign clarifies on the door of the establishment: “We are closed for works after the flood.”

In the surroundings it is noticeable that, since that day, it has barely rained. The tiles still have a fine patina of dried mud that takes away their luster. The bushes that decorate the flower beds also continue to accumulate debris brought by the flood and that remained there until, perhaps another torrent, carried them away.

Warning 8 A warning sign in Parque Venecia of the risk of rain. | MIGUEL ANGEL GRACE

At the traffic lights on Avenida de Tiziano, the height to which the mud reached on this road can still be seen, which at times turned into a river of brown water.

About the storm tank Venice Park, located between the great stone wall that separates the houses of the third belt and the streets of the neighborhood, there is nothing left but leaves and remains of vegetation in some corner. A sign warns: «Flood zone. Abandon in case of rain.

In pictures | One month has passed since the historic storm that flooded Zaragoza


Where the amount of water that fell on July 6 is still evident is at the back of the María Zambrano school. The floor of the pine forest is now made up of a thick layer of dry and cracked mud due to the heat of the last few weeks.

At the archery range just behind thee Police station also continues to be evident how extraordinary the waterspout was of water that fell in the Aragonese capital.

There, part of the fences that surround the perimeter are still on the ground. The earth accumulates in the access and the garbage carried by the flood skips the landscape. And the scene is repeated in the back of the cemetery keeper and around the rugby field. Since that summer day, Parque Venecia is not the same neighborhood. The fear that something similar will happen again is there and, so far, the only thing that has been done to avoid similar conditions has been to build a wall one meter high at the back of the María Zambrano.

On July 6, 2023, some 50 liters fell in Zaragoza in just under an hour. And the repercussions are still visible two months later.

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