Sports Day in Aulla Postponed Due to Bad Weather, Rescheduled for Saturday

Sports Day postponed. Due to bad weather, the event scheduled for today in Aulla has been postponed to Saturday 23rd, again from 5pm. An event organized by the Municipality in collaboration with the ProLoco city of Aulla, Avis, the Tuscany Region and Coni. There is no need to book, just wear a pair of comfortable shoes and try all the disciplines set up along the city streets. There will be refreshment points to enjoy panigacci, sgabei and at 9pm various performances by sports associations on stage in Piazza Gramsci with the presence of Simone and Andrea Pallotta, international judo champions, Luca Mattellini international champion of Taekwondo. Present: Velo Club, Lunigiana Enduro, Skating Luna, Asd Skating Ceparana, Lunigiana Village, Walk lab, Judo together, Lunigiana Rally, ASd Giraluni, L’ecole, Palestra Linea, ASd Polisportiva Pontremolese, ASD karate study center Lunigiana, Virtus, Only sport , Atletica Lunigiana, Artistic gymnastics Lunigiana, Armis Lunae, Country River, Dragon kikboxing, Tap Dancing, Volley team Lunigiana, Lunigiana Rugby, Tennis club Villafranca Lunigiana, Equilibrium, Road cycling, Future TKD Academy, Apuano fencing club, Italian Military Dynamic Gymnastics , ASD latin way, Cycling lab asd.


2023-09-16 04:59:03
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