São Paulo Club Falls Short in South American Cup: James Rodríguez Error Costs Them the Game

South American Cup

The São Paulo club won Liga de Quito 1-0 and lost on penalties. The Colombian was the only one to err.

James with Sao Paulo vs Liga de Quito


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August 31, 2023, 07:14 p.m. m.

Sao Paulo had a difficult task and it was to come back to Liga de Quito in the second leg of the Copa Sudamericana after being defeated 2-1 in the first leg. Despite ending up at Morumbí, those led by Dórival Junior suffered against the Ecuadorians, but since James Rodríguez entered the field, the São Paulo club managed to improve to win 1-0, but on penalties, the Colombian was the villain against miss the only charge of the series and they were eliminated.

James started as a substitute, but faced with the need to win the series, he was brought on in the 67th minute and in a few minutes the face of the game changed.


South American Cup

The Colombian midfielder, who was recently summoned to the Colombian National Team to play the South American Qualifiers, took a corner kick around minute 77 and accurately sent it to Robert Arboleda so that he headed and defeated the Ecuadorian goalkeeper Alexander Domínguez.

After that goal, Sao Paulo turned to attack, but failed to get the second goal that gave them peace of mind and the game had to go to penalties to define the last semifinalist of the South American Cup.

In the definition by penalties Sao Paulo had suspense and despite starting out winning with Jonathan Calleri’s collection, the second shot was in charge of James Rodríguez, who threw it over the crossbar and put his team at a disadvantage at that moment.

In the end, the only one who made a mistake in Sao Paulo was James Rodríguez and Liga de Quito was effective by winning 5-4 in the definition.

This was the penalty that James Rodríguez missed with Sao Paulo in the penalty shootout

With this assistance from James Rodríguez, Sao Paulo was excited about the South American semifinals.

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