Rubiales Case | ‘Manual of resistance 2’: what Rubiales learned from Pedro Sánchez

At this point in the film, it is already more than evident that we have all underestimated Luis Rubiales. From the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezto the citizen least interested in the scandal, going through the media. Rubiales is an impulsive guyas demonstrated with his unacceptable behavior at the World Cup final in Sydney but he’s not stupid. not much less. In fact, he is so smart that he has known how to surround himself with the best legal advisers to channel that impulsiveness and squeeze all the juice out of it when the heartbeat is not bordering on tachycardia.

Many of us believed that fivefold “I will not resign”less than 24 hours after telling yours “yes I’m going to resign”, It was the result of a fever, of a “for my balls” more than the many that have marked his presidency of the RFEF, now suspended. A week later, it is not daring to conclude that everything was part of a strategic measure.

Let’s see: he tells everyone that he is going to resign, thus ensuring that the assembly is filled with people who have a certain appreciation for him clothe him in his alleged immolation and manages to unleash an inertia of embarrassing applause that comes from the fear that his own workers and assembly members had him (and have him) and the lack of time to digest the script twist witnessed. Which does not exempt them from the fact that their behavior is completely reprehensible, of course.

Rubiales had calculated his options

It is obvious, finally, that Rubiales and his legal team (It is assumed that Andreu Camps and Tomás González Cueto can no longer work for him, suspended as he is, but…) had weighed all their options. And they had done it much better than public opinion and the media, and also much better than the government itself and its incomparable legal army.

Rubiales (and his family) took stock from the Ministerial Order that governs electoral processes in sports federations and realized that, due to the calendar, they could no longer submit a motion of censure, as this newspaper already reported. He realized, in short, that he was the only one in the RFEF, through a resignation, who could press the red button for his final dismissal and without turning back. Spanish football could not and cannot kill him.

And, above all, he knew how to assess that there were possibilities, many or few, that the Administrative Court of Sport would not consider “very serious” faults, but only “serious” in his behavior in Sydney, thus preventing the Higher Sports Council from suspend him ‘sine die’. About the possible influence of Camps and González Cueto on the members of the TADa body of which they were part in the past, cannot go beyond speculation lacking factual support.

FIFA, the only loose end

Perhaps the only thing that Rubiales (and his people) did not see coming was suspension by the Disciplinary Commission of FIFA, a body usually slow as a lazy that in this case resolved its suspension in just 48 hours. He surely trusted the Andalusian leader in the federation maxim that ‘dog does not eat dog’ and that is where he ran aground on his strategy to continue being, today, president of the RFEF for all intents and purposes. FIFA President Gianni Infantino has lowered his thumb And that is his main problem right now, with no apparent solution outside of an ordinary court.

By the way, the government has been ridiculous, announcing over and over again that he was going to suspend Rubiales as soon as the TAD resolved as they wanted it to. summoning a press conference by the president of the CSD, Víctor Francoson Monday afternoon to assess a decision that the TAD did not notify until Friday afternoon. Getting Minister Miquel Iceta to speak about the steps to follow without having in his possession the legal arguments of the TAD’s decision. Presuming that “it’s over,” even after the setback in court, when they haven’t gotten it over with.

The cries of the government

Now, many voices in the Government (present and past) are tearing their clothes, regretting not having clipped Rubiales’ wings much earlier, having had plenty of opportunities for it without the haste that society now demands. Warm up Pedro Sánchez’s head with the idea of ​​organizing a World Cup in Spain, that of 2030, helped him to screw himself in the position, since the Government turned it into a country project and no country project is convenient for conflicts. It was the first masterful play of the many that Rubiales (and his team) have executed in these five years.

He knew how to persuade the PSOE that he was one of their own (his father, former socialist mayor of Motril, was there as guarantee), in front of Javier Tebaspresident of LaLiga and proud Vox voter. He knew how to place a like-minded director general in the CSD Albert Soler, although later the shot backfired on him. In short, he knew how to convince the Government that he was the known bad guy versus a good one to know, so that the Super Cup case would not place him on the RFEF exit ramp.

It has never been well explained what it consists of that good relationship that Sánchez and Rubiales cultivated in their day, beyond a handful of WhatsApp messages published by ‘El Confidencial’ in which the now acting President of the Government exhibits coldness with his interlocutor. Only the two of them know the depth, superficial or deep, that this alleged friendship came to have. But it is evident that Rubiales knew how to learn from Sánchez.

Rubiales and the island of Elba

He already did it when he presented his candidacy to the RFEF, imitating the strategy of traveling through Spain by car to add support, one by one, as the socialist leader did to return to be general secretary of his party, after his resignation for the “no is no” to Rajoy. Without the intention, of course, of comparing Sánchez’s legitimate political position of refusing to facilitate a PP government with the alleged “sexual assault” and other atrocities perpetrated by the soccer leader in recent days.

Now, Rubiales has consummated a literary plagiarism of the ‘Resistance Manual’ published by Sánchez for your own glory. The suspended president of the RFEF has decided that, although everyone has turned their backs on him and is hitting him, he is not going to raise the white flag. Whoever wants his head is going to have to rip it off, because he will exhaust all the chances he has of returning from the island of Elba. As Pedro Sánchez did, successfully. One and a thousand times.

The Government celebrates the luck it has had that FIFA has acted decisively to erase Rubiales from its structure, thus the sense of failure of the state to act decisively in such a case. The RFEF of Pedro Rocha and the territorial barons, for the moment, does not find the courage or, perhaps, the legal arguments, to immediately erase the ‘rubialismo’ of Las Rozas. Rubiales (and his people), meanwhile, is preparing to write the next chapter of ‘Resistance Manual 2’, convinced that, like the author of the prequel, he will win.

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