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Luis Rubiales announced this Sunday night his resignation as president of the RFEF and vice president of UEFA. A decision that the leader communicated to Pedro Rochainterim president of the federative body, through a letter that he also shared through X (Twitter) and that puts an end to 21 days of flight forward, after grabbing each other’s genitals and giving a non-consensual kiss to Jenni Hermoso after the final of the Women’s World Cup in Sydney.

A termination that leaves many legal and formal doubts that we try to resolve about the situation in which Rubiales remainshis possible disqualification, the electoral process in which the RFEF and even the possibility that Rubiales himself could be president again in the future.

1. Why has Rubiales resigned?

In his own words, Rubiales has resigned because it is “evident” that he would not be able to recover his position due to the suspension of FIFA and the rest of the processes opened against him, including a complaint from the National Court Prosecutor’s Office for sexual assault and coercion. He has also argued that his family is suffering “persecution” and that he must concentrate on defending his innocence. The reality is that he was cornered and had been left without support.

2. Is Rubiales already former president of the RFEF?

Yeah. The RFEF confirmed after midnight that Rubiales had sent the letter to Rocha and that he had submitted his resignation from all his sporting positions in it, so the man from Motril is no longer president of the RFEF or vice president of UEFA, although this institution has not yet made a statement.

3. Who is now the president of the RFEF?

There isn’t. During his suspension by FIFA, Pedro Rocha He has served as interim president in his capacity as deputy vice president to the presidency. Once Rubiales has ceased, the Extremaduran leader stops exercising that function. Now, The board of directors is going to be constituted as a management committeewhich a priori should be chaired by himself, although it is not mandatory that this be so, and another member of the board could do so.

The interim president of the RFEF, Pedro Rocha (on the right), and the president of the Valencian Federation, Salvador Gomar, during the meeting of territorial presidents in Las Rozas. RFEF

4. When will there be new elections in the RFEF?

They could be summoned immediately. If this were the case, the members of the current assembly would have to appoint a new president, whose mandate would be provisional and would expire in one year, until after the Paris Olympic Games, when all federations with Olympic representation must call elections, now with a new assembly. Another possibility is that the manager extends her mandate until the beginning of 2024 and the CSD approves an electoral advance during the first half of the year. It is a question that must be resolved in the coming days.

5. Who will form the RFEF management committee?

According to the Ministerial Order that regulates the electoral processes of the federations, the Management Commission must be made up of “a maximum of 12 people plus a president”. Six of these members will be appointed by the RFEF Delegated Commission and a maximum of another six by the board of directors, which must meet in the coming days for this purpose. The presidency of the body must be elected by its own members.

6. Who will be candidates for the presidency of the RFEF?

At the moment there is no answer to that question. Rocha promised the territorial presidents that his interim mandate would be provisional and that he would not run for a future presidency, but we will have to see. Among the barons, the president of the Andalusian Federation, Pablo Lozano He has support to take the step, but he remains silent. It is to be expected that both Real Madrid and LaLiga (that is, Florentino Pérez and Javier Tebas) move to promote like-minded candidates, each one their own, but for now we can only speculate on this matter.

Image of the extraordinary assembly of the RFEF, held a few days ago. RFEF

7. Can Rubiales now be disqualified by FIFA?

Yes, his resignation does not change anything in relation to the file opened by the FIFA Disciplinary Commission. Rubiales will continue to be suspended for about 80 more days while his case is investigated. When this process is closed, FIFA may decree any sanction it deems appropriate, including disqualifying him from any federative position for 15 years.

8. Can Rubiales now be disqualified by the TAD?

Yes, the same logic operates as in the case of FIFA. The TAD has opened a file against him for the commission of two serious offenses and in the coming weeks he will study the merits of the matter to decide what sanction he imposes… if any. In the worst case scenario (for him), the TAD could disqualify him from any position for two years.

Rubiales, with the president of the CSD, Víctor Francos, in the foreground. EFE

9. Can the Government suspend Rubiales?

No, but it wouldn’t have any practical effect for me to do so either. Rubiales remains suspended by FIFA and The Government urged the TAD to also suspend it, after the consideration of his offenses as serious instead of very serious prevented the CSD from proceeding with his suspension. The TAD has not yet decided on the suspension request and it would be normal for the Government to withdraw it, given that it would be of no use.

10. Could Rubiales be a candidate for the presidency of the RFEF again?

Right now, given that there is no disqualification hanging over him (neither from FIFA nor from the TAD), the answer is yes. If early elections are called, his resignation would prevent him from being a candidate. But today, nothing would prevent him from running for new elections after the Paris Olympic Games.

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