Roger Federer Supports Team Europe’s Quest for Victory at Laver Cup

Former tennis star Roger Federer is probably the best-known spectator at the Laver Cup in Vancouver from Friday to Sunday.

The now 42-year-old Swiss, who celebrated a tearful farewell to professional tennis a year ago, once initiated the comparison between Europe and the rest of the world together with his manager Tony Godsick.

Before the sixth edition of the Laver Cup, Federer said that the competition had far exceeded his expectations.

Federer wants to see Team Europe win

“Seeing the camaraderie when people from different countries play as a team, like me and Rafa and Novak, was wonderful. Also the fun that (Björn) Borg and (John) McEnroe brought to the teams,” enthused Federer.

He himself had played a part in the European victory three times. “I’m happy when Team World wins, don’t get me wrong, but somehow I can feel deep inside that I want to see Europe win.”

And as a co-founder of the competition, Federer may one day see himself in the role of captain. “Maybe one day. There are no plans at the moment, but it would be quite nice.”

In 2017, Dominic Thiem was also on Team Europe and won the first edition and also his individual match with Federer, Nadal and Co. In 2019, Thiem was also there for the Europeans’ narrower 13:11 victory. Last year in London, the World team won the fifth edition for the first time.

Federer will appear on court for the coin toss on Friday and will also undergo an on-court interview with Jim Courier, which will also include questions from the audience.

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