Pitcher from Potenza Gabriele Quattrini Called up for European Baseball Championships

The pitcher from Potenza Gabriele Quattrini, in his last season at Hotsand Macerata, is among the 27 players called up by coach Mike Piazza for the European Baseball Championships (24 September – 1 October) scheduled in the Czech Republic. “A little – says the 27-year-old Quattrini – I was expecting the call-up since I was also in the Italian group last year, but I wasn’t sure of it and therefore I hope to be among the 24 who will participate in the European Championships.”

Quattrini, how many years have you been playing baseball?

“There will be 20 of them, I started as a child following my older brothers.”

How important is its role?

“The pitcher – he explains – starts everything and every time it is a single battle in which you must not make a mistake with the pitch, understand the characteristics of the hitter well, know what his strengths are in order to avoid them”.

What are its technical characteristics?

“The variety of throws with different types and different trajectories. Then I have resistance.”

Is it a tiring role?

“These are movements repeated more than 100 times in a match, which is physically tiring.”

What did your fellow villagers tell you about the meeting?

“They are proud, happy and complimented me.”

After all, in Potenza Picena there is a tradition in baseball.

“This discipline has been practiced for thirty years, perhaps baseball has been present in Macerata for longer.”

Aside from baseball, do you work or study?

“I study IT in Camerino”.

Can you reconcile the two aspects?

“All in all, yes, baseball takes up a lot of hours in the afternoon but in the morning I have the opportunity to study.”

Satisfied with the championship with Hotsand?

“He went well on an individual level having recorded excellent numbers. As a team we reached the quarterfinals of the championship playoffs, it hasn’t happened in years that we’ve reached this point even though we could have done better.”

What are the objectives for the European Championships?

“Trying to do better than 2021 when Italy won bronze. I believe we have the numbers to do well while being able to count on excellent individuals.”

And his goal?

“Doing well as I did during the season because when you do well the results are sure to come.”

The players meet today in Ronchi dei Legionari where they will train on the field for the New Black Panthers, but also in Cervignano and Trieste. On the diamonds of Prosecco and Ronchi there will be the friendly Italian Baseball Challenge tournament on Saturday and Sunday with Croatia and Switzerland, also preparing for the highest continental competition, with the support of the Black Panthers and the Junior Alpina.

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2023-09-14 03:50:09
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