“Pedrosa? There is no piloting more beautiful than his,” agree Márquez and Bagnaia

Everyone stand up. Everyone applauding. Thousands and thousands of fans shouting his name. All the grill MotoGP showing him respect, starting with his former teammate in the Repsol Honda team, Marc Márquez, eight-time world champion. the same champion ‘Pecco’ Bagnaialeader of Ducati. All the team leaders were speechless to see him in the top-5 in all the training sessions and a quarter room! in Saturday’s race and Sunday’s, in a grid full of world champions like him (he has one 125cc title and two 250cc titles) and with all, all, the official motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Aprilia and KTM.

Yes, of course, I am writing The days of Pedrosawho, on September 29, will turn 38 years old and this weekend he has starred in one of the greatest exhibitions (neither is it a joke, nor is it an exaggeration) that any athlete can star in his specialty, whatever it may be, throughout its history. Pedrosa’s history is impressive: 298 grand prix, 54 victories, 153 podiums (he almost achieved 154 yesterday in Misano) and 49 pole positions.

Marc, amazed

“This weekend I really enjoyed seeing Dani (Pedrosa) on the track and I won’t even tell you when I managed to hook up to him and do two or three laps behind him,” explains Márquez. “It’s a spectacle to go after him. He is the finest of us all. A pleasure to follow you. Well, I won’t even tell you if, as happened to me, you manage to get into Q2 thanks to getting hooked on it and achieving a great time for how our bike is. I insist, a delight to see you among us. He reminded me of the year of my debut (2013) in MotoGP and I followed him to learn as soon as possible. And, yes, that year I won my first MotoGP title, in part, due to his teachings.”

“It’s a spectacle to follow him. He’s the finest of all of us”

Marc Márquez – Repsol Honda Team Driver

“You see him and say: there is no other like him, impossible,” Bagnaia explained yesterday as soon as he got off the Misano podium. “Dani’s story says it all. It is impressive to follow him on the track. He goes fine, fine, fine, around the place, as if he were taking the motorcycle on rails. His style is the most beautiful of all. In a word: he is perfect.”

Can you ask for anything more? No. And Pedrosa doesn’t even flinch. Nor when they tell him that the man who discovered it, Alberto Puig, now Team Manager of the Repsol Honda team, says that “I don’t know why he retired so soon.” “Let’s leave that topic behind, things are going the way they are going and they are fine that way,” says Pedrosa, who already put on a similar display in his return in Jerez, acclaimed by 90,000 ‘motars’.


“It’s nice to come back and compete and perform well, but it’s not something I miss much”, he insisted when they told him why he was not considering returning or accepting more invitations from the organizers or from his own brand, KTM. “No, no, stop, stop, it’s fine like this. Do you know what was the best thing about this weekend? It’s already over! ”She said, laughing. What’s more, this weekend, Pedrosa returns to his other entertainment, the KTM cars, with a race in Valencia.

“I wouldn’t know how to give myself a grade, but I’m quite happy with the performance. “If I give the team a very high grade, they have worked well and without mistakes,” he continued telling El Periódico. Return? No way! He insisted. “Besides,” he said with a laugh, “You see the mess we have, with five riders for four bikes next year. Leave, leave, no.”

“Pedrosa? His record says it all. It’s a pleasure to watch him drive. He’s simply perfect.”

‘Pecco’ Bagnaia – MotoGP World Champion with Ducati

Pedrosa insisted that he had a great time in both Jerez and Misano. “Sunday was a little more nervous than Saturday. What’s more, on Saturday, in the short race, I had a chance of overtaking ‘Pecco’ (Bagnaia) in the last laps, but it was not possible. I insist, I had a great time, but everything has its time and I already had mine, of which I am very proud.”

I repeat, yes, yes, 39 years old, he already is, and he is still an example, a teacher and, above all, a pioneer, the leader, the owner, of a unique style of driving that is fast, clean, impeccable, efficient. Unique, great. As Bagnaia, the current world champion and leader of the MotoGP World Championship, says, “his story defines him.”

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