Park Woo-hyuk Wins Gold Medal in Men’s 80 kg Taekwondo at Asian Games

Park Woo-hyuk (left). ⓒ Newsis

Park Woo-hyuk (Samsung S-1) won the gold medal in the men’s 80 kg Taekwondo competition.

Park Woo-hyuk beat world-class strongman Salih El-Sharabati (Jordan) with a round score of 2-0 (8-4 6- 5) and won the gold medal.

It has been 21 years since Korean Taekwondo won a gold medal in this weight class at the Asian Games after being mis-selected at the 2002 Busan Games.

Park Woo-hyuk, who took a 5-0 lead by successively succeeding in body attacks early in the first round and even deducting points from his opponent, allowed a head attack 43 seconds before the end of the round, and was then deducted 15 seconds before the end, allowing him to trail 4-5.

Park Woo-hyuk, who launched a counterattack, attacked the head 7 seconds before the end, but it was not recognized as a point. A video review was immediately requested, and the decision was overturned, with Park Woo-hyuk taking the first round with an 8-4 score.

Park Woo-hyuk roars after victory. ⓒ Newsis

Park Woo-hyuk, who succeeded in attacking the body first in the second round, was ahead 4-0 45 seconds before the end due to two deductions from the opponent. Elsharabati, who was nervous, succeeded in a head-torso attack in less than 10 seconds and took a 5-4 lead 35 seconds before the end.

Park Woo-hyuk, who was overturned, did not waver and launched an active attack. He then deducted points from his opponent twice and won the second round with a score of 6-5, becoming the gold medalist. Park Woo-hyuk has reached the top of the Asian Games following last year’s World Championships, and can now dream of winning a gold medal at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

After the game, Park Woo-hyuk said, “It was one of the happiest days of my life,” and “I focused until the end while thinking of my teammates.”

With Park Woo-hyuk’s win, Korea won gold medals in Taekwondo for four consecutive days starting on the 24th, the start date of the competition.

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