Ongoing Poisonings Threaten Cat Colonies in Villaviciosa de Odón

Different colonies of gatos have been found dead suspected poisoning in Villaviciosa de Odón. The residents of the area assure that it has been happening for a year and are being carried out necropsies to find out the cause of death.

The last event occurred in a private property which seems to be abandoned. “This is a private enclosure and that’s why it bothers them that the triggers are there, and they are poisoning them. Since we can’t get through, we can’t see how many cats are dead.”

From the VillaFelina Associationwho are in charge of sterilize, clean and care for cats, denounce these terrible events that do not stop. For this reason, Seprona has gotten to work taking charge of the situation.

“A colony of cats has lived in here for many years. We recently received threats from a person who claimed to be the owner of all this, telling us that everything was going to be demolished and that he wanted the cats to disappear from the place and that, if they didn’t disappear, he would take care of it,” he declares Laura, member of the association.

An exclusive hospital for cats in Madrid

According to what they tell us, the veterinarian to whom they delivered one of the deceased cats had clear evidence of having been poisoned because his kidneys were completely destroyed. Now, the association has been in charge of placing feeders at strategic points to avoid by all means introducing poison into them.

“Our job is to control the colony: they don’t grow, there are no sick people, there are no little ones. But they don’t let us, it just bothers them and they kill them,” he adds. Patricia, also a member of the VillaFelina Association.

2023-09-13 20:06:47
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