New BBC guidelines following Lineker affair

Several months after the controversy surrounding the English channel’s star consultant Gary Lineker, the BBC published new guidelines on the use of social networks on Thursday. The goal is for everyone within the media outlet to respect “high standards of courtesy in public discourse,” she said in her update.

In March, the ’62 ex-footballer was removed from the show “Match of the Day” for comparing a British immigration bill to Nazi Germany on Twitter. The former scorer for the English selection (80 caps, 48 ​​goals) was able to return to his post the following week.

The management had invoked the duty of neutrality to which he was bound, like all journalists of the British public broadcasting giant. “Mister Nice Guy” as he was nicknamed, having never received a red card in his entire career (over 600 matches), had the support of English journalists and other BBC consultants like Alan Shearer and Ian Wright .

Specific measures for presenters of “flagship programs”

Among the channel’s new instructions, specific measures have been taken for the presenters of the group’s “flagship programs”. In the fifteen days preceding and following the broadcast of these programs, they must in particular refrain from “supporting or attacking” any political party, “criticizing the personality of political leaders in the United Kingdom”, “making any comment on any subject debate” during legislative elections or referendums.

Gary Lineker was quick to react, again on Twitter (renamed X for several weeks): “Completely sensible” wrote the British legend.

“We all have a responsibility to treat people with civility and respect, particularly when public debate and discussion, both online and off, can be polarized,” said Tim Davie, director general of the BBC. in a statement, citing the group’s commitment to “freedom of expression and impartiality.”

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