Nearshoring is an opportunity to promote development in southeastern Mexico: Sader – El Sol de México

Mexico is an attractive country to trigger economic development in various regions, especially rural ones, for nearshoring due to its strategic geographical position. The south-southeast has ample potential as it has labor, land and access to water.

This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Víctor Villalobos, when participating in the Second United States-Mexico Binational Convention of the American Society Mexico.

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He stated that nearshoring represents an opportunity to promote the development, employment and competitiveness of the country’s agri-food sector.

He highlighted that Mexico has a strategic geographical position and above all, due to its proximity to the United States, which is one of the largest consumer markets and its main trading partner.

Before businessmen, ambassadors, academics and officials, the head of the Sader said that the implementation of the nearshoring strategy will work very well to the extent that more appropriate conditions are established to attract foreign investment, particularly to the south-southeast of the country.

He commented that this region has ample potential to add to the productive and economic development of agroindustry.

He pointed out that the Mayan Train and the Transisthmian Corridor are works that allow the creation of mechanisms to address the communications deficit and in this way, grow as happened in the central and northern areas of the Republic.

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Víctor Villalobos stated that to take advantage of the advantages of relocation, it is necessary to continue with actions to strengthen the infrastructure, that is, electricity, access to gas, transportation and communications.

Infrastructure plays a primary role in establishing, facilitating and transferring agricultural, livestock and fishing products to areas near the country and other regions, stated the head of the agriculture portfolio.

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