Introducing Baseball Club: The Ultimate Fast-Paced Baseball Game with Exciting Gameplay and Cool Features!

Baseball Club Baseball Club

Baseball Club is finally here! With pitch matchups, cool items and upgrades to unlock, and most importantly – intuitive and engaging gameplay – this is the fast-paced baseball game you’ve been waiting for!

In Baseball Club, you can:

customize your character
Unlock cool new gear
Set your meal plan (yes!)
practice pitching and hitting

…the most important is

Challenge your opponent to a hitting and pitching game

This is where everything you’ve learned and practiced will be put to the ultimate test.

Try to win the opponent! Use your pitching skills to make pitches hard to hit. Don’t let your opponent score. Then switch positions and try to hit your opponent’s throw as far as possible. The farther you fly – the more points you get.

The more you win – the higher your rank in the league. Play against increasingly stronger opponents and stay on top.

System Requirements: 16.0.3

Decompression password:

Users who use PC = The download address can be seen on the top right of this page [立即下载]

Users who use mobile phones = The download address can be seen at the bottom of this page [立即下载]

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