Hans Niemann: Have you used anal beads? “Of course not”

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Have you used anal beads? “Of course not”

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What’s important is what comes out at the end: Hans Niemann was acquitted of the allegations

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Last year, international chess was rocked by a scandal. Superstar Magnus Carlsen openly accused his young opponent of cheating. Crude accusations made the rounds. Now Hans Niemann speaks in detail.

International chess was rocked by a scandal last year. The then world champion Magnus Carlsen accused his young opponent of cheating after a game at a top-class tournament in September 2022. According to the accusation, child prodigy Hans Niemann used anal beads. His trainer sent him signals via the remote-controlled vibration that brought him victory over Carlsen. The allegations have been floating around ever since. Carlsen insisted on his accusation several times. However, he couldn’t prove it.

Now, more than a year after the incident, Niemann spoke out again and vehemently rejected the allegations in a TV interview on “Morgan Sunday” after the 20-year-old American was officially acquitted in August.

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“Categorically no,” Niemann answered presenter Piers Morgan’s question about whether he had ever used anal beads in chess. The man from San Francisco seemed almost irritated by the question and added: “Of course not.”

Niemann’s lawyer sits next to him

However, Morgan remained adamant: “The accusation was that your trainer had instructed you to insert anal beads into yourself, to which he would then send long-distance signals. What was your reaction when this story broke?”

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Niemann, who had brought his lawyer into the TV studio and also in front of the camera, replied: “Of course it was very disheartening to be accused of fraud after this victory (…) But you know, these things… it happened , and I learned a lot from that time.”

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Niemann appeared somewhat embarrassed during his remarks as he realized the strange nature of the allegations that have plagued him for more than a year, but said he was a better man now.

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“It really taught me a lot of important lessons about life and chess, and I think it only strengthened my resolve,” he told Morgan.


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