Gyeonggi-do Life Sports Grand Festival: Celebrating Recreation and Community in Goyang City

The ‘Gyeonggi-do Life Sports Grand Festival’, which brings together Gyeonggi-do’s recreational athletes, opens at Goyang Sports Complex and continues until the 17th.

The opening ceremony, held under the theme of ‘Sound of Hope, Surprising the World’, included a percussion performance by Goyang Arts High School, a Taekwondo demonstration, and a drone art show.

In order to hold this event as a ‘citizen-centered eco-friendly festival,’ Goyang City restricted the use of disposable items in the stadium, reduced VIP-only spaces, and expanded citizen seating to more than half.

This festival, held at 47 stadiums in Goyang City, will feature approximately 20,000 enthusiasts of 25 sports, including soccer, badminton, and tennis, as well as 31 city and county executives.

YTN Choi Myeong-shin ([email protected])

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2023-09-15 04:19:59
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