Football in Spain: Rubiales resigns

Luis Rubiales is no longer president of the Spanish football association RFEF. Initially, an interview with British television presenter Piers Morgan made the rounds. In the conversation with the Spaniard, which Morgan disseminated on the X platform, Rubiales said that he “couldn’t continue” his work.

The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” also quoted a statement in which Rubiales conveyed his resignation to the interim president of the Spanish Football Association, Pedro Rocha. Pedro Rocha was appointed by his predecessor following Rubiales’ suspension by FIFA. In this message, Rubiales announced his resignation as RFEF President in the evening.

The statement, which Rubiales shared not directly but via a Google Drive link on Football. Among other things, because there are forces that will prevent my return.”

He also once again defended himself against what he calls “excessive persecution” and the “many untruths” from which his family suffered. “But it is also true that the truth is being enforced more and more on the streets every day,” Rubiales wrote.

Pressure on Rubiales has recently increased

After Spain’s victory at the World Cup, he kissed player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth. Rubiales had denied his guilt and spoke of a “consensual kiss”.

Recently, the pressure on the head of the association had increased significantly: the Spanish Football Association had asked the 46-year-old to resign. A few days ago, the affected player Hermoso filed a complaint against Rubiales.

The public prosecutor’s office of the National Court of Justice in Spain opened a preliminary investigation against Rubiales for alleged sexual assault at the end of August. Hermoso was then given 15 days to “be informed of her rights as a victim of an alleged sexual assault” and, if necessary, “to file a report,” the authority announced.

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The former professional footballer Rubiales has been president of the Spanish football association RFEF since May 2018. At the end of August, the world football association FIFA imposed a temporary suspension on him.


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