Fakes heart attacks and fainting to avoid paying the bill: we talk to the latest victim

The Police have arrested for twentieth time already known in Alicante as the ‘gastrojeta’, a man who, after a considerable meal at the restaurant on duty, he pretends he’s having a heart attack for like this avoid paying the bill.

‘Four a day’ has interviewed live Moisés Domenech, owner of the last restaurant affectedwhich has explained the modus operandi of the expert man in ‘simpas’ faking fainting.

The owner of the restaurant laughed because the protagonist wasand has already become a joke characteralthough at the moment of the ‘simpa’ he was not amused.

“In our case he didn’t ask for much to eat either, he ordered a paella and also a whiskey with a cola, the first cubata was taken in one gulp… about 35 euros”Moses assured.

“When he finished, he got up without asking for the bill or anything and went to the door… a colleague stopped him to reproach him that he had to pay and said that he had to go to the hotel to get the money, my colleague told him no, that I had to pay or we would call the police,” he says.

“What he did shortly after It’s like he was fading, but slowly, he rested on the ground… When the police came, they told us that it was the twentieth time they had arrested him,” the restaurant owner told ‘Cuatro al día’.


2023-09-20 18:26:27
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