Swimming World Championship, Anita Alvarez: “I felt my fingers go numb”

Sport Unconscious swimmer “I felt my fingers go numb” As of 3:28 p.m | Reading time: 2 minutes Trainer pulls unconscious US swimmer out of the water Drama about Anita Alvarez: The US synchronized swimmer fainted after her freestyle at the World Championships in Budapest and was rescued from the pelvic floor by her trainer. […]

Andrea Fuentes rescues a swimmer who fainted at the World Swimming Championships

Anita Álvarez, the American swimmer, has had a scare during the World Swimming Championships held in Budapest. The young woman was doing an individual artistic swimming exercise in the Isla Margarita pool when she lost consciousness and fell to the bottom of the pool. According to her coach, Andrea Fuentes, the 25-year-old swimmer was not […]

Óscar Cabrera basketball player faints in the middle of the game

A moment of great anguish was experienced in Spanish basketball when the Dominican Oscar Cabrera, from Cantbasket, fainted during the game with CB Santurzi of the EBA League. The basketball player lost consciousness in the La Albericia pavilion when the first quarter was played. Cabrera was about to take the ball from the baseline when […]