Enchanting Attractions and Gleaming Vintage Cars Delight Visitors at Adventure Village

The numerous and varied attractions enchanted the little ones and delighted the older thrill-seekers. Everyone could also admire the gleaming vintage cars and chat with their owners.

Pony rides, archery, mini-quad, inflatable structures, zip line, drop bag for the best jump, climbing wall and small treetop adventure course, these were the attractions offered. The adrenaline rush was guaranteed for the older ones tempted by the ejector, an inverted bungee jump.

Very popular cars

A map rally and an exhibition of vintage and collector’s cars, open to all and enhanced by a competition, were on the day’s program. Among the gleaming mechanics, the beautiful police car “ This Ford model, from Florida, was used in Lakeland, near Orlando. When the vehicle fleet was renewed, the police officer who patrolled with it kept it for a few years then sold it to the person I bought it from », says Mr. Deneuville.

Also very popular is the 1996 Dodge Viper. One of 8 copies in Europe. A 500 horsepower V10 “, underlines the owner who has been passionate about a 1989 Ford Mustang for over 30 years. ” I also had a Mach 1, 350 from 1973, and on the French side, an R5 Turbo and an Alpine », Adds this ex-mechanic and former fighter pilot, aboard an Alpha Jet, the same as the French patrol.

Romain Tison won the new car category trophy, with his BMW M4 competition, F82 model from 2016 which approaches 600 hp. Rims, different buckets and a more elaborate chassis than the normal 480 HP version. “ We tease the Porsche GT3 RS. But it’s not made for playing on the road » recommends the winner.

Miss Hersin-Coupigny en visite

Finally, Miss Hersin-Coupigny 2023 was keen to be there for the children. Eve Gilles, 20 years old, in mathematics and computer science applied to the human and social sciences, is preparing for the election of Miss Nord Pas-de-Calais, on October 14 at the Liévin indoor stadium. “ I really want to qualify and show that a woman is not just a haircut, a perfect body, it’s more than that “. We wish him good luck in this adventure.

With this great success, the Adventure Village, organized by the municipality, the Asphalte Classic association and the Anim’Hersin association, takes its rightful place in the community’s activities.

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