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I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that The blackmailers have destroyed women’s football in our country. With a success like the World Cup they have made a mess and thrown it in the trash can. Or, better yet, to the shredder because it could still be rescued from the trash can. Everything was good for them his interests, which are obviously not sports, make a fool of yourself in Australia or end up conquering a long-pursued dream. It’s not enough Rubialeswhich is no longer there, or Wild, which is still unknown why he was dismissed, what these kids now want is a radical structural change in the federation, or what is the same: they want out everything that smells like Rubiales. But, in there, everything smells like the former president of the federation. TO Rocha, who has now realized how bad Rubiales was, he put it up. He appointed the treasurer. The vocals are there for him, and what can we say about Andrew Fields, which only uses Eau de Hueviales. No matter how much they want to appear renewed, the management board that emerges from Friday’s meeting will have been chosen by him.

And how to tell about women’s football: Montse Tomé, the coach who will be presented the day after tomorrow, is there for him and, as if that were not enough, Rubiales suggested that she sent him a WhatsApp of encouragement for everything that was happening. He appointed the physical trainer, he appointed the technical assistants, the video analyst, the goalkeeper coach… They all resigned the day after breaking their hands to applaud, but they are there for him. The eleven, from Tomé to Carlos Sánchez, left to prevent the tsounami from reaching them. And there are more, the head of delegation, the team manager, the psychologist, the nutritionist, the chef, the physios, those in charge of the material… Like the general secretary, they all use Eau de Hueviales. And what is the chef’s fault? Was the sirloin well done? Is the pasta bland? And how far should this radical structural change demanded by the eighty-one blackmailers go? And how do you know if they will stop when their demands are met? And another question, should we give them to them? Should the girls of Boquete be given everything they ask for? Do we have to give them the selection?

I read an article by The Country on August 19. It is signed by Jordi Quixano from Sydney. and I have chosen The Country because I don’t think he is hesitant when it comes to defending, in his own way, women’s rights. Headline: “Spain, a family finally on its way.” Subtitle: “The improvement in training and preparation, flexibility with schedules and the financial support of the federation have been the best glue for the selection.” What do we do with Quixano, Vero, do we throw him out too? One of the most insane, shabby and aggressive side effects of this self-destruction of a sport, women’s football, which was beginning to make its way in Spain, is the harassment of dissidents, the persecution of those who do not think the same as the masses, the cornering of who expresses something that does not follow the previously established line. The poisoning has reached, of course, the men’s team and, if left alone, it will do the same to the rest of the sports.

The last one harassed was Dani Carvajal, who yesterday, by the way, starred in a great game in Granada. Today the captain of Real Madrid had to Responding to a sexual assault accusation at the 2018 World Cup, which is of course the most serious thing, and he has also had to deny his membership in any political party. And all because it occurred to Carvajal to say that in the Rubiales case justice had to be allowed to act. Not if you think Paul Newman hangs him. The role that the federation chaired by the one who did not want to run for elections but now does want to is playing in this whole matter is outrageous. They still don’t know it but they are also sports corpses like Rubiales. If they give them because they will want more, if they don’t give them because one day they will get a Carvajal. The solution? If there are eighty-one blackmailers, call together from the eighty-two. And if eighty-two doesn’t want to, from eighty-three. There will be some. Who knows, they might win a World Cup again.

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